Global Standards and Regulatory Compliance Software

Organize and control requirements

Access, monitor, manage and audit your obligations from regulations, standards and internal corporate documents and permits.

Become a proactive compliance organization with integrated registers, actions and audits.

800+ companies use Nimonik to identify standards and regulations, organize their requirements and streamline their compliance programs. From Quality to Engineering to EHS and ESG, Nimonik helps you ensure regulatory compliance and obtain access to industry standards. Nimonik offers an integrated regulatory compliance management software and legal compliance audit software to help organizations identify and comply with industry standards and regulations.

Whether you are trying to meet requirements from ISO, IATF, ASTM, or regulators, Nimonik can help. Nimonik’s streamlined solution brings together software, regulatory content, industry standards and experts to help you implement a personalized compliance management system.

The Nimonik’s regulatory and standards compliance software is designed for organizations with 500 – 25,000 staff striving for operational excellence.

A few of our 700+ customers

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Integrated solution for all the compliance management requirements

You can organize regulatory documents and industry standards according to:

  • Risk ranking
  • Fines, penalties and sanctions
  • Dates and reporting deadlines
  • Requirements
  • Audit schedules
  • Internal controls
  • Policies and procedures
  • Responsible people and teams

Once your compliance register has been implemented, you can issue actions to close compliance gaps and schedule audits to ensure ongoing compliance. Establish your compliance management program and determine your risk to make your organization resilient to change.

Why choose Nimonik for your compliance management system?

Nimonik is 100% dedicated to regulatory compliance management software. Since 2006, Nimonik has been building and designing compliance management systems for leading organizations around the world. With customers dating back to our founding, our EHS software has delivered results and reduced compliance headaches for hundreds of organizations in every industry.

Organizations choose Nimonik for a cost effective integrated compliance management system that can be rapidly deployed. With your dedicated customer success representative, Nimonik will drive results and help you avoid compliance problems before they appear.


400 000



40 000

 industry standards

Audit checklists for over

2 000

standards and best practices

Customer Reviews

Michael Taniguchi2/08/2024
Nimonik has ben a valuable resource for providing key updates through the Canadian Environmental Regulation and Compliance News. Having a single source of information that can be relied upon for our organization to stay up to date on any new regulations or key news stories has been a very useful tool. The interface with Nimonik has been very easy and straightforward. I know that I will receive my newsletter consistently on a monthly basis and any customer service interactions that I have had with Nimonik have been great. I would highly recommend Nimonik to anyone looking to stay up to date on any key environmental regulatory and compliance news.
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John Lay2/08/2024
As a Professional in the pipeline Regulatory field, Nimonik has been instrumental in creating and monitoring our Compliance Registry. They have been there in an instant anytime help was needed or a learning session was required. Top Notch.
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Paul MacLean12/08/2023
I have had the great pleasure of seeing Nimonik grow over the past 15 years and come to offer a robust compliance tool for EHS professionals in Canada and around the world. We believed the need was great then and see that it is even greater now.
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« After 4 years of use, I can confidently state that Nimonik provides customers with comprehensive and professional data, as well as timely customer service. One point worth recommending is that Nimonik will extract important clauses in the regulations to facilitate our follow-up compliance evaluation and save our working time. »

Catherine Zhang, Head of HSE Experts APAC, Bayer China

«For 10 years, we have used Nimonik to track and manage compliance obligations documents for our operations at Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations. Nimonik provides updates to regulations and standards so that we can issue action items and generate reports for management. The Nimonik team of compliance experts are responsive, helpful, and well informed. We strongly recommend Nimonik to any organization looking to manage compliance properly.»

Moe Maurice, Glencore Mining Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations

«We have freed up resources and time within the company thanks to NimonikApp. We can spend more time improving environmental performance and less time researching our environmental obligations.»

Anouk Guillaume, Director of Risk Management, NavCanada

«We have freed up resources and time within the company thanks to NimonikApp. We can spend more time improving environmental performance and le«After 6 years of use, I can say that the Nimonik database is comprehensive and allows me to search for the regulations I want. Comprehensive compliance can promote excellent business performance, and Nimonik is a good support tool.»ss time researching our environmental obligations.»

Helen Shen, EHS Manager, Everzinc

«We have freed up resources and time within the company thanks to NimonikApp. We can spend more time improving environmental performance and less time researching our environmental obligations.»

Currie Russell, Region of Waterloo International Airport, Canada

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Are you a software provider or a consulting firm?

Nimonik offers a compliance management software and supports this software with consulting services from our industry experts. We are more than an EHS management software, a content provider, or just another audit tool. Nimonik is an integrated compliance solution for regulations and industry standards.

What compliance regulations does Nimonik support?

With over 400 jurisdictions, 400,000 regulations and 40,000 industry standards being tracked in our database, Nimonik works with companies in every sector – oil & gas, mining, forestry, banking, aviation and manufacturing. If a regulation or standard is available, we can help you comply and track it for changes. 

To learn more about how Nimonik can help your organization build a legal register, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Can you give some examples of entities that use your solution?

For examples of Nimonik’s customers and testimonials, please see the customer case studies page as well as the about us page.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Yes! For a 20-day free trial, just visit the Nimonikapp sign up page and try it out for yourself.

What’s your pricing?

For Nimonik’s pricing information, please visit the pricing page

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