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Nimonik Pricing

Nimonik’s regulatory compliance management software offers a variety of affordable packages to improve your compliance program, monitor regulations and conduct audits and inspections.

Pricing Details

Nimonik prices its services based on the headcount of the organization or the part of the organization that uses the Nimonik platform. This pricing allows us to offer all of our customers:

  • Unlimited users
  • Access to the regulatory data they need
  • Various software modules at affordable prices
  • Flexible pricing based on the size of your organization
  • Reporting tools for compliance and audit performance

Pricing is broken down for the following software modules:

  • Audit module (starts at $300 per year)
  • Newsletter module (starts at $500 per year)
  • Library access (starts at $500 per year)
  • Registers of applicable documents (starts at $800 per year)
  • Registers of applicable obligations/requirements (starts at $800 per year)
  • Custom fields to link risk rankings, controls and documents to applicable documents and obligations (starts at $500 per year)
  • Action and task management to assign compliance tasks (starts at $500 per year)

Implementation and training modules are available

  • Implementation with support for writing internal procedures for your organization
  • Quarterly reviews with compliance experts
  • Ongoing corporate support

Additional software functionality is available, such as:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • API Access
  • Dedicated servers

Contact us about pricing to build a package that fits your budget and compliance needs.


What is the starting price point for Nimonik’s “Regulatory Compliance Solution”? Do you have a free trial available for testing?

The price depends on the number of employees at your organization and topics you wish to comply with. Instead of pricing by user, jurisdiction, or industry, Nimonik offers a system that scales with your organization and provides unlimited users. Prices start at $1,000 for the software and can go higher depending on your needs and the size of your organization.

How does Nimonik’s pricing compare to other “Regulatory Compliance Solutions” in the market?

Nimonik is among the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Certain solutions like ENHESA, Regscan, or STP require separate software to manage the data, which can lead to increased costs. Nimonik provides an integrated software solution with regulations and standards, allowing you to find substantial cost savings.

Are there any discounts or special pricing plans available for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?

Pricing is based on the size of your organization, so SMEs typically pay less than larger companies. We also offer price discounts for multi-year agreements.

What features are included in the base price of Nimonik’s “Regulatory Compliance Solution”?

Nimonik includes features such as a regulatory database with identified requirements, newsletters with updates of regulatory changes, and legal registers at the document and provision level. Additional features like risk management, action management, and controls are available at separate pricing. However, bulk discounts are available.

How does Nimonik’s pricing structure scale with the size of an organization or the scope of “Regulatory Compliance” needs?

Pricing is based on company size, ensuring that your price matches your complexity and needs.

Is there a free trial or demo available to evaluate Nimonik’s “Regulatory Compliance Solution” before committing to a purchase?

Yes, Nimonik offers a 20-day free trial upon request. We also organize training sessions for your team to validate that Nimonik is the best solution for your regulatory and standards compliance needs.

Can the pricing plan be customized based on specific “Regulatory Compliance” requirements or modules needed?

Yes, pricing is based on the modules you need and the size of your organization or the part of the organization that needs the service. We scale with your team and needs.

Are there any long-term contracts or commitments required, and how do they affect pricing?

Nimonik offers annual contracts. Longer-term contracts allow customers to obtain discounts and other benefits.

What additional costs should be anticipated, such as setup fees, maintenance, or support services?

Implementation fees in the first year are usually less than 5% of the total project cost, but this can vary based on your needs. Annual fees are based on the modules you need and the size of your organization.

How does Nimonik justify its pricing in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) for “Regulatory Compliance” initiatives?

A single non-compliance can cost thousands of dollars in extra work, consultant fees, audits, and follow-up. Non-compliance in products or design can prevent products from going to market, and government fines or penalties can create significant brand damage. Investing in a compliance tool is a preventative measure that will pay dividends for any organization. How much is prevention of problems worth?

Are there any case studies or testimonials that highlight the cost-effectiveness of Nimonik’s “Regulatory Compliance Solution”?

Yes, please see our case studies page where we highlight the experience of customers from a broad spectrum of industries.

How frequently does Nimonik update its pricing, and how are existing customers affected by price changes?

Nimonik updates its pricing on an ongoing basis as we add new functionality, review market trends, and provide more data to our customers. We grandfather existing customers and ensure smooth transitions and limited price increases over time. The value we add to your organization will also be far greater than the cost of a Nimonik subscription!

What payment options are available, and how do they accommodate different budgeting needs?

Nimonik offers payment by check, bank transfer, and credit card. Pricing and payment options depend on amounts and location, but we will work with our customers to find a convenient solution.

Does Nimonik offer any industry-specific “Regulatory Compliance Solutions,” and how are these priced differently?

Nimonik offers discounts for “lite industries” such as Office Spaces and Building Management or Service Companies. We tailor our solution to our customer’s needs and will find the correct budget for your needs.

How does the complexity of an organization’s “Regulatory Compliance” requirements impact the pricing of Nimonik’s solutions?

Yes, more complex organizations do affect pricing. Though pricing is based on organizational size and topic, it can also be impacted by your organization’s complexity. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What training and support services are included in Nimonik’s pricing, and what are the costs for additional services?

Nimonik offers professional services for $175 per hour. This includes training, support, consulting work, and software development. Custom packages of support can be developed for your organization and your needs. We will always align our proposal with your budget and requirements.

How does Nimonik ensure data security and compliance, and is there a cost associated with these features?

Nimonik is ISO 27001 certified and offers Single-Sign-On (SSO). We host our data on Amazon AWS and enforce rigorous security and data protection policies and procedures across our organization.

Are there any hidden costs or fees that potential customers should be aware of?

No. All of our fees are clearly identified upfront and outlined for our customers. No hidden fees or surprises for your organization!

How does Nimonik’s pricing for cloud-based solutions compare to on-premises solutions?

Nimonik does not offer on-premise solutions. Nimonik can create dedicated instances for your organization, but they are hosted on Amazon AWS infrastructure in a location of your choice. This model allows us to maintain a standardized offering and cost-effective solutions. Our standard offering is cloud-based on Amazon AWS in a geographic location of your choice.

What is the process for upgrading or downscaling services, and how does this affect pricing?

Contracts are reviewed annually between a customer and their customer success representative. Services can be added or removed based on usage and needs. New pricing models will be proposed if they help reduce costs for our customers. We always work closely with our customers to ensure they have a fit-for-purpose solution.