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Nimonik offers a variety of plans to help you achieve Comprehensive Compliance. Our software includes three core modules:

  1. Compliance Obligations Management;
  2. Action Management and;
  3. Audits and Inspections.

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Audit + Actions Audit + Actions Audit + Actions Obligations + Audit + Actions

Document Level

Obligations + Audit + Actions

Clause Level

Obligations + Audit + Actions

Custom Plan

Audit & Inspect
36 Audits Per Year 60 Audits Per Year 150 Audits Per Year Custom Custom Custom
Users 2 Users 6 users 15 users Custom Custom Custom
2500 Free Audit Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Equipment Module Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduler Module Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Build Audit Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage Actions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

External (Regulatory) and Internal (Corporate, Permits, Contracts) Obligations Management

Manage Regulatory Data – External Obligations Yes Yes Yes
3500 EHS Topics & Equipment All All All
Access to Documents Yes Yes Yes
Meta-Data for Documents Yes Yes Yes
Red-Line of changes Yes Yes Yes
Updates to Regulations, Standards, Laws,… – Legal Register, Law List, External Compliance Obligations Updates when documents change Yes Yes Yes
Convert Internal Documents (Permits, Contracts, and more) into Compliance Obligations
Yes Yes Yes
Identified obligations, penalties and other items within Documents Yes Yes
Regulatory Compliance Audit Templates Yes Yes
Industry Specific Regulatory Data (Mining, Oil & Gas,…) Custom Custom Custom
Single Sign-On & Corporate Security Custom Custom Custom
Compliance Workshop Custom Custom Custom
Support Email Email Email Account Manager Account Manager
Account Manager
Sign-up Self-Serve Self-Serve Self-Serve Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Annual Price $299 $499 $1,299 Starts at $1,500 per jurisdiction Starts at $3,000 per jurisdiction
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