Food Processing, Handling and Manufacturing

Food manufacturers must vigilantly inspect their operations to meet and exceed quality, safety and environmental standards. Nimonik can help keep your plants and kitchens running smoothly.

Small and Large Food Companies use Nimonik

Nimonik allows companies to increase their efficiency in using an easy to use tool for inspecting food processing sites. Our customers in the food industry include Sofina Foods, Lilydale, Bimbo Bakery (the largest bakery in the world) and the Consortium of French food producers (CRITT), which represents more than 16,000 food processing companies in France. Our customers have reduced their 60% report writing time and identified recurring problems are now eliminated from each of their plants. Let us help you improve your operational excellence in food production.

Work faster, issue beautiful audit reports and EHS updates to your clients.

Food production companies around the world rely on Nimonik to help them audit, inspect and stay abreast of regulatory changes. Respecting food production standards such as HAACP require regular auditing and inspections. Nimonik can help take your safety, quality, hygiene and environmental inspections to a new level with our state-of-the-art and easy to use iPad and Android Inspection Tool.

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