About us



We improve the world by helping businesses respect the environmental, health and safety and quality requirements.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our decisions and priorities. Everyone at Nimonik believes in :

Thoroughness in work
Longterm vision
Persistence in finding a solution
Integrity at all times

Nimonik commits to :

Exceptional customer support
Easy to use software on web and mobile
Highly secure IT systems
Comprehensive EHS regulatory coverage
Rapid publication of regulatory changes


  • Jonathan Brun

    Jonathan Brun

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jonathan is responsible for technological decisions, design and client relations. A metallurgical engineer by training, Jonathan has actively built various internet companies and is passionate about world class corporate compliance web and mobile software.
  • Sara Lipson

    Sara Lipson

    VP-Chief Content Officer

    Sara has a background in biochemistry, environmental control, and occupational health and safety. Sara focuses on clear communication while ensuring all important details are communicated to NimonikApp clients.
  • Benjamin

    Benjamin Chen

    EHS & CSR Regulatory Compliance Manager

    Benjamin manages the content team in China. He has more than ten years experience in EHS and CSR sector and as a CSR auditor. Benjamin is a national certified safety engineer.
  • Robert Kolanko

    Robert Kolanko

    VP Product Development

    Robert Kolanko is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years of Industry Application Development and Project Management experience in the Environmental, Health and Safety Regulatory Space.


  • Kamil Politowicz

    Kamil Politowicz

    Chief Technology Officer

    Kamil has over 15 years of experience in enterprise software development. He is responsible for all technological development, maintenance and projects at Nimonik.
  • Luciano Ciccone

    Luciano Ciccone

    Head of Audit Sales

    Luciano has over a decade of sales experience from end-to-end on the sales cycle and applies this knowledge in his responsibility as Head of Sales. He is responsible for business development, managing the sales team, and client relations.
  • Tanvi Kadukar

    Tanvi Kadukar

    Sales Operations Co-ordinator

    Tanvi has over 3 years of experience in Data Warehousing and management and she channels her skills to assist the Head of Sales in Lead qualification and client data management
  • Gaël Kijko

    Gaël Kijko

    Regulatory Analyst

    Gaël is part of the content team led by Sara Lipson. His focus is on the analysis of regulation and on writing comprehensive updates to help the stakeholders easily understand the underlying compliance obligations.
  • Meriem Raach

    Meriem Raach

    Regulatory Analyst and Legal Client Implementation

    Meriem works within the Nimonik content team, directly with Nimonik’s CEO and CCO. She is responsible for updates of regulations for specific jurisdictions and the implementation of the solution at client operations, including compliance obligations and audit templates.
  • Catherine McBurney

    Catherine McBurney

    Regulatory Analyst

    Catherine works with the Senior Regulatory Analysts and the Content Specialists to update audit checklists, research environmental, health and safety regulations and policies in Canada and the US, and maintain an accurate database of these legislations and policies.
  • Juliette Lees

    Juliette Lees

    Regulatory Analyst

    Juliette assists Nimonik's clients to adopt and comply with important environmental laws, regulations and standards around the world.
  • Chúk Odenigbo

    Chúk Odenigbo

    Regulatory Analyst

    Chúk creates and updates international environmental, health and safety regulatory management solutions.
  • Jessica Minhas

    Jessica Minhas


    Jessica works with the CEO and Head of Sales to develop and implement a marketing program for the company and formulate marketing policies, practices, and procedures. She manages the company’s presence on social media and writes and publishes press releases and blog posts.
  • Andrei Crudu

    Andrei Crudu

    Senior Software Developer

    Andrei is an experienced full-stack software developer. He is responsible for the development of the AI and Natural Language Processing of legislations to provide actionable intelligence that helps companies stay up to date with the ever changing worldwide EH&S compliance requirements.
  • Roberto Valladeres

    Roberto Valladeres

    Junior Software Developer

    Roberto writes and maintains program code to meet system requirements
  • Zeeshan Sarwar

    Zeeshan Sarwar

    Junior Software Developer

    Zeeshan has five years of experience in software development. He creates new features for Nimonikapp.
  • Bogdan Crudu

    Bogdan Crudu

    Junior Software Developer

    Bogdan works with the team lead to spear head new functionality, better design, and best solutions that maintain viability and scalability over time.
  • Philippe Fournier

    Philippe Fournier

    Graphic Designer

    Phil has a bachelor degree in graphic design from Université Laval. He designs Nimonik's marketing material.
  • Qi Gao

    Qi Gao

    Operations Manager

    Qi has a strong background in Public Administration. She works with the CEO to take care of operations.
  • Janelle Stone

    Janelle Stone

    Customer Success Specialist

    Janelle responds to support tickets in a timely manner, conducts on-boardings, trainings, support calls, webinars, and in-person demonstrations with current & potential clients, and ensures that clients are satisfied with Nimonik's service at all times.

Shanghai, China office

  • Cherry

    Cherry Tao

    Operations Manager

    Cherry takes care of Nimonik's operations and administration in China
  • Yusi Wang

    Yusi Wang

    EHS & CSR Regulatory Compliance Advisor

    Yusi is a national certificated safety engineer of the PRC and has a background in risk management, risk identification and EHS management system. She is responsible for Chinese clients' legal registers projects.
  • Daisy

    Daisy Hu

    EHS & CSR Regulatory Compliance Advisor

    Daisy focuses on Chinese Environmental, Health and Safety regulations and has a background in law
  • Lane

    Lane Huang

    National Sales Manager

    Lane is part of Nimonik's sales team and has more than 10 years of experience in sales
  • Jamin

    Jamin Jia

    National Sales Manager

    Jamin has over 10 years experience in sales with 6 years in EHS bringing high quality service to clients
  • Dean Cheng

    National Sales Manager

    Dean is part of Nimonik's sales team and has over 10 years of experience in sales and customer service.
  • Annie

    Annie Jia

    Customer Success Specialist

    Annie works closely with the sales team and assists client support
  • Ivan Wu

    Ivan Wu

    EHS Regulatory Analyst

    Ivan is a recent graduate in Safety Engineering from the Chongqing University. He tracks all regulatory updates.


  • Paul MacLean

    Paul MacLean

    Paul is a founding partner at Nimonik and has over 20 years of environmental consulting experience as president of ÉEM. Paul assists Nimonik in business development, product strategy and corporate strategy.
  • John Wolfe

    John Wolfe

    John Wolfe is a Nimonik partner and owner of Management Horizons. He has over 25 years of experience in as an EHS Director and management consultant in the areas of HSEQ, health, safety, environmental and quality management systems design, implementation and assessment; risk management, and corporate governance.


Who is Nimonik?

Nimonik has a strong team of software developers and legal experts who ensure the success of the services we offer. NimonikApp.com was started by ЁЕМ inc., a firm of environment health and safety (EHS) management consultants based in Montreal with industry and government clients in Canada and abroad. Since 2008, Nimonik is run as an independent company, but maintains a partnership with ЁЕМ inc.

How did the products originate?

Since 1993, we have observed how organizations handle increasing environmental, health, safety and quality requirements. The majority, even those that are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, tend to under-perform in this area; pulling resources away from other tasks, which are more central to the business. Why? Because legislation and standards are complex, vast and ever changing.

Our clients

NimonikApp and its mobile apps are currently being used in the mining, manufacturing, printing, and lands management sectors. The services are used by internal and external auditors and managers to ensure health, safety, environment and quality compliance is met on a daily basis.

The Nimonik Difference

Nimonik prides itself on easy to use products with exceptional customer service. All of our products are designed to help you work more efficiently and integrate with your existing workflows.

What does "Nimonik' mean?

Nimonik is the phonetic spelling of mnemonic - "A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering". This system helps you remember the basics of environmental, health and safety and quality compliance - hence "Nimonik".