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About Nimonik

Nimonik is a regulatory and standards compliance software company providing an integrated solution to monitor and meet regulatory requirements and industry standards. Since 2008, Nimonik has built and designs compliance management systems for leading organizations around the world.

Based in Montreal (Canada) with offices in Calgary (Canada), Shanghai (China) and Oakland (USA), Nimonik has a global presence and a team of over 40 compliance experts dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Nimonik’s software for compliance management

Take a centralized approach to compliance.

Nimonik offers an integrated compliance program for organizations to better manage their compliance obligations across quality, environmental, safety, privacy, human resources, and other regulated areas.

Organizations in every industry rely on Nimonik to centralize and streamline their compliance programs. Nimonik offers an integrated compliance management software and legal compliance audit software to help organizations identify and comply with industry standards and regulations.

The Nimonik software workflow


Identify documents

Identify applicable regulations, industry standards and internal documents 


Extract obligations

Extract obligations from applicable documents


Identify risks

Risk rank and link obligations to controls


Create actions

Create actions to stay in compliance


Conduct audits

Conduct internal audits to ensure continuous improvement

Compliance is a core part of GRC, EHS, IRM, GMP, ISO and other management systems.

Nimonik helps you achieve compliance across your operations.



The Nimonik Compliance application is a great tool and one stop shop to assist businesses and organizations achieve proactive comprehensive compliance.

Jacqueline MacKnight, Irving Oil

Nimonik has ben a valuable resource for providing key updates through the Canadian Environmental Regulation and Compliance News. Having a single source of information that can be relied upon for our organization to stay up to date on any new regulations or key news stories has been a very useful tool.

Michael Taniguchi, Apotex Inc.

Management Team

Jonathan Brun, Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Brun

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Brun is responsible for technological decisions, design and client relations. A metallurgical engineer by training, Jonathan has actively built various Internet companies and is passionate about world class corporate compliance and web & mobile software. See blog posts from Jonathan Brun, regulatory compliance specialist


Jonathan Brun
Sara Lipson, Compliance Obligations Lead

Sara Lipson

Compliance Obligations Lead

Sara Lipson has a background in biochemistry, environmental control, and occupational health and safety. Sara focuses on clear communication, ensuring all important details are communicated to Nimonik clients.


Jonathan Brun
Hugh Blakely, Director of Finance

Hugh Blakely

Director of Finance

Hugh leads the development of Nimonik’s cash projection models thereby improving cash flows, internal controls, budgeting, scorecard reporting, and operational efficiencies.


Jonathan Brun
Juliette Lees Regulatory Updates Lead

Juliette Lees

Regulatory Updates Lead

Juliette has a background in environmental impact assessment, international cooperation, and nonprofit involvement. Her team ensures that Nimonik’s regulatory database remains current and accurate. She cares about providing quality work, improving processes, and encouraging team collaboration.


Jonathan Brun
Fiona Peng, China Customer Success Lead

Fiona Peng

China Customer Success Lead

Fiona has a background in industrial risk management and QHSE Integrated Management systems. Fiona supports customers in China to successfully achieve comprehensive compliance and ensures there is strong alignment between Canada and China Customer Success.


Todd Fegan

Strategic Advisor to Nimonik

Todd Fegan has over 30 years of experience in the information sector and most recently was the President of Techstreet. Todd will guide Nimonik with regards to Standards Development Organizations, copyright protection and product development for engineers and quality professionals.


Jonathan Brun

Kyle Bach

Operator of Document Center since 2010

Based in Oakland, California, Kyle manages the day-to-day operations of Document Center. With a commitment to excellence, he continues to bring valuable expertise to Nimonik, driving the integration of Document Center and contributing to the company’s mission of providing cutting-edge compliance solutions to a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.


Jonathan Brun

Claudia Bach

Strategic advisor to Nimonik

Claudia Bach is a well-known business owner and Standards Expert. Ms. Bach has owned Document Center Inc. since January 1985. During that time, she has presided over the development of Document Center from an idea in a garage into an internationally respected standards distribution service.


Jonathan Brun
Leanne Forbes, VP Business Development

Leanne Forbes

Vice President – Business Development

Leanne has worked in regulatory compliance and monitoring since 1998. Leanne joined Nimonik inc. when her firm, MediaLogic inc. was acquired in 2022. Based in Calgary, Leanne helps grow Nimonik’s services in Western Canada and the United States and helps drive business development globally.


Jonathan Brun

Company History

Since 2008, we helped organizations manage their operational compliance to an ever increasing list of environmental, health, safety and quality requirements. All companies – even those that with ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001 certifications – struggle to stay abreast and manage all of their obligations. Nimonik is here to help.


  • 2024: Nimonik acquires Document Center, an Industry Standards Reseller.
  • 2023: Nimonik acquires Templegate Information Services’ Publications to grow its support of the Canadian manufacturing, industrial and consulting sectors.
  • 2022: Nimonik acquires MediaLogic, based in Calgary, Canada to deepen its presence in the Energy sector and Western Canada.
  • 2017: Nimonik acquires Envitool, based in Shanghai, China to improve its regulatory database and services in China and other Asian countries.
  • 2016: Nimonik acquires Conformance Check inc., based in Toronto, Canada. This allowed Nimonik to deepen its comprehensive regulatory database for the United States and Canada.
  • 2012: Nimonik launches a mobile auditing solution for iOS and Android devices.
  • 2008: Nimonik became an independent EHS software company.
  • 2005: Nimonik was launched as a product by EEM inc., an environmental consulting firm.

Nimonik continues to expand through growth and through acquisitions. Nimonik currently services over 800 customers worldwide.


What kind of businesses are you working with?

Nimonik works with mid-sized organizations (500 – 25,000 staff) across almost all industries: from mining to oil & gas to manufacturing to banking and consulting.

What makes Nimonik different from competitors?

Nimonik offers an integrated solution for compliance management. Avoid costly integration with various systems and get your compliance program up and running faster and more effectively. Nimonik prides itself on its easy to use EHSQ management software, exhaustive global regulatory content and exceptional customer service. Unlike others who outsource or partner, Nimonik’s in-house team of developers and regulatory analysts ensures a seamless and well-integrated solution. All of our products are designed to help you work more efficiently and integrate with your existing workflows.

What does “Nimonik’ mean?

Nimonik is the phonetic spelling of mnemonic – “A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering”. This system helps you remember the basics of environmental, health and safety and quality compliance – hence “Nimonik”.