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We help you respect environmental, health & safety and quality requirements.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our decisions and priorities. Everyone at Nimonik believes in and strives toward:

-Thoroughness in work
- Longterm vision
- Persistence in finding a solution
- Integrity at all times

Nimonik commits to :
- Comprehensive EHS regulatory coverage
- Rapid publication of regulatory changes
- Easy to use software on web and mobile
- Highly secure IT systems
- Exceptional customer support


  • Jonathan Brun

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jonathan is responsible for technological decisions, design and client relations. A metallurgical engineer by training, Jonathan has actively built various Internet companies and is passionate about world class corporate compliance and web & mobile software.
  • Sara Lipson

    Sara Lipson

    Regulatory Updates Director

    Sara has a background in biochemistry, environmental control, and occupational health and safety. Sara focuses on clear communication, ensuring all important details are communicated to Nimonik clients.
  • Yusi Wang

    Yusi Wang

    Asia-Pacific Manager

    Yusi is a national certificated safety engineer of the PRC and has work experience in risk management, risk identification and EHS management system in China and France. She is responsible for Nimonik's operations and growth in China.
  • Robert Kolanko

    Robert Kolanko

    VP Research & Development

    Robert Kolanko is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years of Industry Application Development and Project Management experience in the Environmental, Health & Safety Regulatory space.
  • Meriem Raach

    Compliance Obligations Lead

    Meriem works within the Nimonik content team, directly with Nimonik’s CEO and CCO. She is responsible for updates of regulations for specific jurisdictions and the implementation of the solution at client operations, including compliance obligations and audit templates.
  • Jessica Minhas

    Jessica Minhas


    An MBA from the John Molson School of Business, Jessica is the head of the marketing department at Nimonik and is responsible for developing and executing the marketing strategy as well as all promotional activities at Nimonik.
  • Mathieu Van Gent

    Mathieu Van Gent

    Sales Manager

    Mathieu is responsible for the sales team at Nimonik. His focus is on executing the business strategy and implementing sustainable processes that focus on productivity and added value. Mathieu has a background in International Business and has experience working in both Asia and Europe.


Company History

Since 1993, we have observed how organizations handle the increasing environmental, health, safety and quality requirements. The majority, even those that are ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified, under-perform in EHS & Quality compliance. Why? Because legislation and standards are complex, vast and ever-changing. Keeping up is exhausting and expensive. Nimonik aims to make thorough compliance simple and efficient.

Nimonik was originally launched in 2005 as a product at EEM inc., an environmental consulting firm. In 2008, the product became an independant company, Nimonik. Nimonik was founded to reinvent regulatory compliance and simplify the software while also offering more detailed regulatory data. In 2016, Nimonik acquired Conformance Check inc., based in Toronto. This allowed Nimonik to deepen its comprehensive regulatory database for the United States and Canada. In 2017, Nimonik acquired Enivitool Shanghai to help it improve its regulatory database for China and other Asian nations. Nimonik continues to expand through growth from our customer base and from acquisitions.

Who is Nimonik?

With a strong team of in-house software developers and legal experts, Nimonik helps organizations comply to environmental, health & safety regulations and standards. Nimonik offers an integrated solution–software, regulatory content, and monitoring devices to make compliance simple and your operations smooth.

Which industries does Nimonik serve?

Almost all industries, from mining and manufacturing to banking and consulting use Nimonik to meet EHSQ compliance on a daily basis.

How is Nimonik different than other EHS regulatory solutions in the market?

Nimonik prides itself on its easy to use software, exhaustive global regulatory content and exceptional customer service. Above all, Nimonik’s in-house team of developers and regulatory analysts ensures a seamless and well-integrated solution, unlike others who outsource or partner for one or the other. All of our products are designed to help you work more efficiently and integrate with your existing workflows.

What does "Nimonik' mean?

Nimonik is the phonetic spelling of mnemonic - "A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering". This system helps you remember the basics of environmental, health and safety and quality compliance - hence "Nimonik".

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