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    NimonikApp is an essential tool for any organization with sites in several jurisdictions that are affected by different legislation.
    – Charles L’Ecuyer Transcontinental Inc.

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    About Nimonik

    With our global headquarters in Montreal, Canada and offices in Shanghai and Calgary, Nimonik is the world leading provider of the integrated legal compliance management software and compliance audit software for regulatory and standards compliance management.

    With employees and partners located throughout Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia pacific, Nimonik’s EHSQ compliance software services over 500 organizations around the world, providing operational compliance solutions for local and global customers from different industries. Nimonik’s environmental health safety software and EHSQ audit software can help improve your organization’s compliance program.


    Who is Nimonik?

    With a strong team of in-house software developers and legal experts, Nimonik helps organizations comply with their obligations in standards, laws, regulations and in their internal documents such as permits, contracts and stakeholder engagements. Nimonik offers an integrated solution to build a comprehensive compliance program for your organization.

    Which industries does Nimonik serve?

    Almost all industries, from mining and manufacturing to banking and consulting use Nimonik to meet their compliance obligations on a daily basis.

    How is Nimonik different from other regulatory solutions in the market?

    Nimonik prides itself on its easy to use software, exhaustive global regulatory content and exceptional customer service. Unlike others who outsource or partner, Nimonik’s in-house team of developers and regulatory analysts ensures a seamless and well-integrated solution. All of our products are designed to help you work more efficiently and integrate with your existing workflows.

    What does “Nimonik” mean?

    Nimonik is the phonetic spelling of mnemonic – “A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering”. This system helps you remember the basics of environmental, health and safety and quality compliance – hence “Nimonik”.