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Customer Case Studies

A selection of Nimonik’s customer journeys towards comprehensive compliance.

Environmental, health and safety case studies

Nimonik works with organizations from all around the world across a wide variety of industries to help them stay in compliance. Here are a few of those customers and their quality, environmental and health case studies, safety and sustainability case studies using the Nimonik solution.

F&P Manufacturing

F&P Manufacturing

Nimonik equipped this Ontario automotive parts manufacturer with an integrated auditing and legal compliance platform. “The amount of content available is extremely attractive. If any law changes, we have great faith to be able to find it there or by contacting Nimonik.” F&P Manufacturing uses Nimonik to stay on top of regulatory changes and to collect audit findings.

Axens Canada

Axens Canada

Axens easily transitioned their complex auditing and legal monitoring needs to Nimonik. Axens sees multiple benefits from using Nimonik, including saved time and better compliance. “Nimonik is an effective way to receive notification of changes to regulatory and legislative requirements… It’s all good!”

KBM Resources Group

KBM Resources Group

Nimonik enables KBM Resources to provide streamlined services to Saskatchewan forestry companies. KBM Resources Group reports that Nimonik’s “tracking of legislation changes” has helped KBM deliver a high quality service to their clients, who can now more effectively “meet their certification obligations.”

Glencore Raglan

Glencore Raglan

Nimonik reduced time spent on monitoring legislation at the Raglan Mine. “With Nimonik, we do not need to have an employee working full-time on regulatory monitoring. By allocating the task to review regulatory changes to staff directly involved in operations, we save time and money.”

Glencore Raglan

Glencore Sudbury INO

Glencore eliminates audit findings with Nimonik Compliance Software. “Auditors love Nimonik! It’s a one-stop shop. No need to flip through endless papers and folders, it’s all in one place: obligations, reviews, history, etc.”

Waterloo Airport

Waterloo Airport

Nimonik was a one-stop solution that helped make Waterloo International Airport a leader in legal compliance. The Region of Waterloo International Airport uses Nimonik to demonstrate regulatory compliance to Transport Canada.

PetroChina Canada

Driven by its vision to become a leading integrated energy company in Canada, PetroChina Canada is fully committed to social responsibility and recognized the importance of environmental compliance.

Safety Services Nova Scotia

This case study features Safety Services Nova Scotia (SSNS), a small organization facing heavy workloads and using pen and paper for audits. Seeking a more efficient auditing tool, they discovered Nimonik through positive feedback and decided to explore their services.

Petroleum Specialized Inspections

Empowering oil & gas inspectors to keep rigs safe, clean and operational. Petroleum Specialized Inspections uses Nimonik to ensure “that competent persons could conduct an audit with all of the questions at hand … a person can answer directly and create the final report simultaneously…makes it much more efficient.”

A.C.T. National Ltd.

With Nimonik, A.C.T. Group was able to generate reports automatically, download them in multiple formats, and receive excellent customer service. The implementation of Nimonik significantly improved efficiency, reducing report creation time from 1-2 hours to just 20-30 minutes.



Nimonik’s mobile auditing solution helps Metrospec conduct regular internal audits to maintain company standards. Nimonik has significantly reduced their auditing time and increased operational efficiency.


Do you have a free trial available for testing?

Yes! Try the Nimonik platform by contacting us and creating a 20-day free trial account.

What is the typical customer size for Nimonik?

Nimonik’s EHS inspection management software and mobile EHS application provide the integrated compliance management solution to mid-sized organizations (500-25,000 staff) striving for operational excellence.

What is the typical cost of your solution?

Nimonik will build your customized service packages based on the requirements of your organization. To learn more about Nimonik’s EHS audit software price information, please contact us.

How can you achieve integrated compliance management

Nimonik offers legal compliance management for organizations around the world. Read our guide about integrated compliance management and learn NimonikApp Best Practices.

How organisations manage their internal obligations?

Nimonik surveyed compliance and risk professionals from medium and large organizations to better understand how they are managing Internal Obligations. Here are the results of June 2020 survey, December 2020 survey and 2021 survey.

Is it possible to read business cases?

Yes, we have a Business Case for Environmental, Health and Safety Audit Software and a Business Case for Legal Compliance Management.