Articles about quality, environmental and safety compliance issues.

In order to streamline your legal monitoring process, we have made some small enhancements to the layout of our Compliance Obligations. Specifically, we have added a new “Notes” field which will allow you to enter additional information about your legal documents, and improve the order in which information is displayed. We have also done away […]

The 2nd Nimonik China EHS conference, in partnership with BSI and ERM, was held on March 9, 2018, in Shanghai. BSI and ERM are leading global firms in the EHS compliance industry. Like the first Nimonik EHS China Conference in November 2017, this event too was a huge success. The speakers, ERM Partner, Ms Yongjie […]

EHSQ is a challenging field with demanding work in harsh environments. The best EHSQ professionals tend to be detail-oriented leaders with great foresight. With many EHSQ job requirements coming naturally to women, it is surprising that the field has been dominated by men. This Women’s Day we asked a few leaders to share their thoughts […]

Nimonik helps companies respect environmental, health and safety regulations. To further our mission and help more organizations in China and Asia, we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Yusi Wang as the Nimonik Country Manager for China. Yusi has been with Nimonik (Envitool) for over 4 years and has an degree in environmental […]

Based on the book Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems Auditing by Gene Marie Shematek, Paul MacLean, Peter Lineen. In order to audit a Health & Safety Management System (H & S Management System) and provide valuable recommendations to the organization, you must have a clear understanding of what constitutes an effective Health & Safety […]

NOTE: 1. Minimum wage standard of each province is determined by the standard of its capital. Please note that the Min. wage standard of some capitals are not highest in the province, e.g. Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong; 2. Minimum wage standard of Chongqing is determined by the district with highest standard; 3. Minimum wage standards […]

A Quebec court just ruled that a construction company owner, Sylvain Fournier,  is guilty of involuntary manslaughter of a worker, Gilles Lévesque. The decision has not yet been published, but you can read details of the ruling in French here. It seems that the worker was working in an excavated trench with high walls. The worker […]

by John Wolfe This article provides a brief overview of the importance of a legal register and how you can use it best to take your organization’s operations to the next level of efficiency. The article will help you understand the following: What is a Legal Registry?  What are Operational Controls? Why is a Legal […]