Articles about quality, environmental and safety compliance issues.

Did you know that many jurisdictions regulate that your safety representatives or safety staff need to conduct monthly inspections of the workplace? The Ontario Health and Safety Act, RSO 1990, states, “8 (6) Inspections Unless otherwise required by the regulations or by an order by an inspector, a health and safety representative shall inspect the […]

Most organizations have a siloed approach to compliance with environmental, safety, quality, community engagement and other departments managing their compliance issues separately. Increasing fines, penalties and criminal proceedings for non-compliance are driving organizations around the world to change their approach to compliance management. ISO recently introduced a unified compliance management system, 19600. This standard has […]

Management systems are complex. More than complex, they can become burdensome and are too often quickly discarded to the dusty bookshelves of a back-office. Management systems work in a hierarchical structure of policies, documents, processes, standard operating procedures and other documents. One of the main benefits of this hierarchical approach is that it helps you […]

Expanding on “Step 3. Monitor for changes” from Authors: Sara Lipson, Regulatory Updates Director, Nimonik Juliette Lees, Regulatory Analyst, Nimonik Coline Madelain, Regulatory Analyst, Nimonik For certain jurisdictions, like Canada and Australia, it’s relatively easy to keep up-to-date with regulatory changes. But for most jurisdictions, it’s hard to keep up with the pace of […]

Environmental, health and safety laws are tightening up, making a regulatory compliance program a must-have for all organizations. A principal challenge in implementing a compliance program is perceived costs. It is therefore critical to transform the cost of compliance into a continuous improvement exercise for your organization. Believe it or not, a well-run compliance program […]

Here are a few noteworthy global EHS regulatory changes from October 2019. We cover EHS legislation and standards for over 90 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track legislative changes for specific regions, countries or jurisdictions, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here and we […]

This is a list of select proposed EHS regulatory changes in the United States and Canada in the past few days. We cover EHS legislation in over 100 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track EHS legislation in specific regions, jurisdictions or countries, we are happy to help. Please send us a […]

By Sara Lipson, Regulatory Updates Director, Nimonik As penalties for environmental violations get stricter around the world, comprehensive environmental compliance is no longer optional. Not that it ever was, but now, financially speaking, it is in a business’s best interests to respect environmental laws rather than incur hefty penalties. As an EHS professional for an […]

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