Articles about quality, environmental and safety compliance issues.

Different audits require different nomenclature. With NimonikApp you can now change the labels used for the various fields in our auditing system. For example, the standard labels for the fields “Requirement, Finding, Additional Information, Details, Corrective Action, Effectiveness Assessments” can be replaced with labels of your choice. You could instead call these fields “Question, Problem, […]

Auditing is all about evidence. Nimonik is happy to announce a new feature on and Nimonik Audit for iOS and for Android. You can now attach media files (images, documents,…) to corrective actions. This allows a client, employee or any person who is closing a corrective action to include digital files that explain how […]

Why safety audits are important Workplace safety is an organization’s ethical responsibility and an organization’s management is expected to step-up to make sure that all the  organization’s facilities are safe for workers. A safe workplace is also directly related to profits as workers are more productive at a place they trust is safe. One way […]

This article discusses: What is ISO 14001 What is a legal register a.k.a. compliance obligation and how is it related to ISO 14001 What do legal registers/compliance obligations look like Difference between legal register and audit Maintainability of legal register/compliance obligation Summary and conclusion What is ISO 14001? ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard […]

One of the major challenges the automotive parts companies face today is compliance to the many different Customer Specific Requirements (OEM requirements). Meeting customer specifications–an integral component of suppliers’ Quality Management Systems–is crucial to retain and earn new clients. However, compliance to numerous specifications is time consuming and expensive. Nimonik understands this challenge and have […]

Follow us on LinkedIn to receive weekly global EHS & Quality updates. Australia 1. Australia amends Water Act The Australian Water Act was most recently amended on May 23, 2017, to incorporate changes to Sub-clause 5(2) of Schedule 1, as stipulated by the Water Amendment (Murray-Darling Basin Agreement) Regulations 2017. Additional information can be found […]

Tyler Tilker Environmental Advisor and Inspector F&P Manufacturing, Canada Tyler is responsible for environmental compliance at a plant of 750 employees. He must maintain an ISO 14001 system, respect environmental regulations, conduct compliance audits and manage the MSDS system and the Recycling Program. The Challenge F&P Manufacturing makes car parts and components for Honda. Operations […]

The FAMI-QS Code, designed for international validity, is the best way to prove to your clients that your agricultural feed products meet regulatory standards. It is the only certification recognized by the European Commission that is aimed at speciality feed ingredients and their mixtures. Hence, maintaining the certification by consistently staying in conformance with the […]