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Subscribe to Industry Standards from 30+ SDOs

Gain multi-user access to industry standards for your organization.

Complying with industry standards is not merely a matter of compliance; it’s a fundamental requirement for businesses aiming to maintain their reputation and competitiveness. Most products and processes have a relevant industry standard that you must follow.

Access industry standards via our subscription platform

Document Center by Nimonik offers an easy-to-use subscription service for industry standards from over 30 standard development organizations. The platform allows you to provide access to your various sites and staff so that engineers and technical experts can consult standards on a need-by-need basis. We provide a comprehensive approach to meeting and exceeding industry-specific standards, ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance with the latest regulations.

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Nimonik offers subscription to industry standards for over 30 standard development organizations

Standard Development Organizations

Access and distribute standards to your team members

Access a database of over 200,000 standards. A subscription package can be tailored based on your needs and budget. With Nimonik, you can download industry standards in PDF and subscribe to standards so your entire team obtains access. Get the industry specs you need with Document Center by Nimonik.

Access standards from any computer

Standards will be made available to the appropriate people, based on their needs and your subscription platform. Easily access, view and download important technical documents from over 30 publishers.

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations demands a strategic approach to compliance management. Nimonik’s solution allows you to purchase access to industry standards and identify standards referenced in law and regulation. Nimonik’s solution is designed to simplify this process and provide you with a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Database: Access a vast database and purchase industry standards, regulations, and best practices relevant to your sector.

Regular Updates: Stay informed about changes and updates to industry standards, ensuring your operations remain compliant.

Customized Compliance Monitoring: Tailor compliance monitoring to your specific industry, products and organizational needs, streamlining the process.

Audit and Reporting Tools: Easily generate reports and conduct internal audits against industry standards to assess and improve your compliance efforts.

Training and Resources: Access training materials and resources to educate your team on the importance of industrial standards and how to adhere to them effectively.

Integration: Seamlessly integrate Nimonik’s solutions into your existing systems and workflows for enhanced efficiency. Ensure your engineering teams have the industry standards data they need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Stay ahead in your industry by leveraging Nimonik’s Industry Standards compliance solutions. We offer a comprehensive approach to meeting and exceeding industry-specific standards, ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance with the latest regulations.


How do you select standards subscription platform that is suitable for your business?

To select a industry standards subscription platform and software for your business, consider factors like cost, available publishers (standard development organizations), industry-specific requirements, scalability, flexibility, integration capabilities, reporting features, vendor reputation, and customer support.

What are the best practices for industry standards subscription for businesses?

Standards can be purchased in Print and PDF format from resellers such as Nimonik or you can purchase a subscription to standards that allows your organization to access historical and current standards. For medium and large companies, we recommend subscription services, as they ensure your engineering and quality teams always have access to the most up-to-date industry standards. Be sure to choose the right subscription service tailored to your industry, locations, and team members’ needs.

How can industry standards subscription management software help your business reduce risks?

With over 75 major standards development organizations, thousands of standards referenced in law, and ever-changing industry standards, staying on top of changes is critical. To ensure your products meet industry requirements and receive certification, engineers and quality professionals require access to standards. A subscription to industry standards is a critical business function that cannot be overlooked.

What are the key features that you should look for in a standards subscription management software?

Key features to consider include access to relevant standards, historical data, an easy-to-use interface, and features for data management.

How can standards subscription compliance management software help improve transparency in your business operations?

Industry standards subscription management software improves transparency in business operations by centralizing conformance information, tracking and documenting conformance activities, providing real-time visibility into conformance status, and generating audit trails.