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Free Audit Checklists for The Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas industry is critical to the economy, but it comes with a high-risk operational profile and is therefore highly regulated. Upstream, downstream and midstream operations are constantly coming under increased scrutiny regarding compliance issues – from environmental, to cybersecurity and occupational health and safety. 

While a checklist or audit program is not a magical solution, Nimonik believes a rigorous checklist can be an effective and powerful tool to minimize the risk and ensure regulatory compliance. With a global customer base of more than 25 esteemed Oil & Gas companies, we are committed to hosting both live and virtual events featuring industry experts. In 2023, we organized a compliance workshop for the Oil and Gas sector in Calgary, AB. Explore our conferences and webinars.

Please find selected Oil and Gas checklists that are freely available on the Nimonik compliance auditing platform. These oil & gas checklists can be used on Nimonik’s web or mobile App to conduct audits and generate instant reports complete with graphs, pictures, company logo and much more.

  1. PHMSA Underground Natural Gas Storage – Rule and FAQs Checklist
  2. API RP 54 Checklist – Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations and Procedures Practice
  3. API RP 67 Checklist – Recommended Practice for Oilfield Explosives Safety
  4. API RP 74 Checklist – Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Onshore Oil and Gas Production Operations
  5. API RP 76 Checklist – Contractor Safety Management for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Operations

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