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Legal compliance software and audit solution for regulations and standards

A centralized compliance obligations management and audit software solution with integrated regulations, laws, and industry standards.

Compliance obligations software: an integrated compliance program

Nimonik offers a cutting edge integrated compliance program designed to transform how organizations manage their compliance obligations. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to meet your organization’s diverse needs and elevate your compliance efforts to new heights. 

By centralizing external requirements from regulations and industry standards, along with digital requirements from engineering documents, contracts, permits, policies, and other documents, Nimonik’s legal compliance software enables organizations to stay ahead of their compliance obligations. Through our systematic approach, users can determine applicable requirements, identify compliance gaps, and take necessary actions to address issues effectively.

A legal compliance software that helps you stay on track of industry standards and regulations

Nimonik offers data on regulatory and industry standards for over 500 jurisdictions, integrated with easy-to-use regulatory and industry standards compliance software. With Nimonik’s platform, you can:

  • Manage external obligations from regulations and standards
  • Track regulations, laws, and industry standards for changes
  • Receive actions when regulations and standards change
  • Issue actions to come into compliance
  • Plan upcoming and recurring actions tied to your obligations

Stay on track of all applicable regulations and proactively manage compliance. Effective compliance management systems help demonstrate ongoing compliance efforts to management, stakeholders and regulators.

Save time with Nimonik’s mobile EHS application and auditing software

Mobile digital audits save you hours in auditing and report writing while helping you communicate findings more effectively. A digital mobile auditing solution ensures you maintain an audit trail that can be provided to relevant parties.

With Nimonik’s mobile EHS application and auditing software, you can audit with ease:

  • Access over 2,000 free checklists or build your own audit templates
  • Audit offline on mobile devices
  • Inspect your facilities based on your obligations
  • Create powerful audit reports to track trends and issues

​Most auditing tools on the market are either too complex or too basic. Nimonik’s functionality and easy-to-use interface ensure that your audit teams can easily adopt the tool and rapidly deliver results for your organization.


Does your software help keep records up to date?

Yes, Nimonik’s software ensures that records are kept up to date by providing real-time updates, automated reminders, and version control features. This helps organizations stay compliant with the latest regulations and standards.

How do I order?

Ordering Nimonik’s solutions is simple. You can visit our website and choose the subscription plan that best fits your needs. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team directly to discuss your requirements and place an order.

How does this integrate with other platforms?

Nimonik’s software offers seamless integration with other platforms through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This allows for easy data exchange and synchronization between our solution and your existing systems, such as document management systems or enterprise resource planning software.

What are the top features of your solution?

Some of the top features of Nimonik’s solution include regulatory tracking and updates, customizable compliance checklists, audit management tools, document management capabilities, and robust reporting functionalities. Additionally, our software offers mobile access for on-the-go compliance management.

Are there any limitations on the number of users I can have, or the size of my company?

Nimonik’s solutions are scalable and can accommodate organizations of various sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. There are no limitations on the number of users you can have, ensuring that everyone in your organization can access and benefit from our compliance management platform.

How much does Nimonik cost?

The cost of Nimonik’s solutions depends on several factors, including the specific features and functionalities you require, the size of your organization, and the duration of your subscription. Please contact our sales team for a customized quote tailored to your needs.