Regulatory compliance software

Manage your compliance obligations from regulations, industry standards and internal documents such as permits and contracts.

An integrated EHS management software with regulatory database

Regulatory compliance software helps companies meet regulations by managing risks, creating audit trails, and ensuring data privacy. It simplifies compliance reporting with automated tools, reducing non-compliance risks and protecting businesses from penalties and reputational harm.

Nimonik’s EHSQ management software helps you centralize external requirements from regulations and industry standards along with your internal requirements from contracts, permits, policies and other documents. Following our systematic approach, you will determine what applies to you, identify compliance gaps and close issues with actions and audits. Nimonik’s compliance software solution allows you and your organization to stay on top of all your applicable requirements.

Nimonik covers regulations and standards for a variety of Topics and Industries


Please note that Nimonik is used by companies in all industries. The industries listed below are just examples. Contact us to determine if our services can benefit your organization.

Nimonik Regulatory Sources

  • Legislators
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Standards Bodies
  • News & Media

Nimonik Regulatory Topics

  • Environmental
    • Environment Management
    • Air Emissions and Ambient Air Quality
    • Water Use and Wastewater Management
    • Waste Management
    • Chemicals Management
    • Hazardous Materials Management
    • Wildlife and Land Conservation
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Land Use
  • Health and Safety
    • Safety Management
    • General Facility Design and Operation
    • Emergency Preparedness and Response
    • Occupational Health and Hygiene
  • Cyber-Security, Privacy and Access to Information
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resources
  • Security and Public Safety
  • Communications and Utilities
  • Agriculture and Animal Care or Processing
  • Border Control and Trans-boundary Movement of Goods and Persons
  • Commerce, Standardization, Units of Measurement
  • Financial Administration, Accounting, Charges
  • Professional Conduct, Quality Management
  • Public Health (Food, Disease, Other)
  • Domestic Relations
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Energy Management

Platform features

Identify, monitor and map applicable regulations and standards to your operations

Access the world’s largest database of regulatory documents for over 40 countries with over 600,000 identified documents and 2,000,000 specific obligations. Filter and build your Compliance Obligations Register (legal register) based on your operations and your areas of regulatory coverage.

Add your own internal documents and extract obligations

Easily add your documents to Nimonik. Nimonik’s algorithms and technology parse the documents and extract obligations and requires which are added to your register. Actions and responsibilities for meeting permit requirements, corporate policies or other internal documents can then be assigned.

Once your comprehensive Compliance Obligations Register is built, your team can begin to assess applicability and compliance.

Determine applicability and compliance

Once documents are added to your Compliance Obligations Register, subject-matter experts can validate the applicability and compliance of the organization to the document. A record is stored in the Nimonik’s legal compliance audit software, for each assessment, creating a complete audit trail of your compliance process. 

After applicability and compliance identification, Nimonik recommends a risk evaluation to help prioritize your compliance actions.

Risk rank obligations

No organization can tackle all compliance obligations at once. Nimonik EHS risk management software allows our clients to use a risk matrix to rank and prioritize the risk that your organization faces for each compliance obligation. 

Once risk has been quantified, you can reduce it with internal controls and documentation.

Link obligations to internal controls

Compliance obligations can be connected to control measures, policies, procedures, people, teams and reporting dates. These controls allow you to dramatically reduce the risk of non-compliance. 

With risk mitigation in place, you can identify the residual risk and present an accurate compliance profile to management.

Issue actions to come into compliance

Create one-off or repeating actions based on your compliance obligations. All actions and their completions create an audit trail for management and external parties.

Receive actions when regulations and standards change

Nimonik’s regulatory analysts and AI software monitor thousands of government and industry publications every day. Nimonik issues actions to your team when relevant documents are published or documents change.

Review new and changed documents from regulators and standard bodies to ensure your team is always ready.

Compliance and action status reports

Generate reports for colleagues, management, and auditors. Nimonik offers instant reports to identify areas of concern and help follow-up with colleagues, contractors and other stakeholders.

Report on action completion, identify overdue actions, and track progress towards comprehensive compliance.


How do you select regulatory compliance management software that is suitable for your business?

To select regulatory compliance management software for your business, consider factors like industry-specific requirements, scalability, flexibility, integration capabilities, reporting features, vendor reputation, and customer support.

What are the best practices for regulatory compliance management for businesses?

Best practices for regulatory compliance management include creating a compliance culture, conducting risk assessments, implementing robust policies and procedures, providing employee training, maintaining accurate documentation, and monitoring compliance activities.

How can regulatory compliance management software help your business reduce risks?

Regulatory compliance management software helps reduce risks by providing real-time monitoring and alerts, ensuring adherence to regulations, centralizing data and documentation, facilitating risk assessments, and generating comprehensive reports.

What are the key features that you should look for in a regulatory compliance management software?

Key features to look for in regulatory compliance management software include regulatory data in a comprehensible format, compliance tracking and monitoring, risk assessment, flexibility along with reporting capabilities and integration into other platforms.

How can regulatory compliance management software help improve transparency in your business operations?

Regulatory compliance management software improves transparency in business operations by centralizing compliance information, tracking and documenting compliance activities, providing real-time visibility into compliance status, generating audit trails.