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NRES – Regulatory Compliance Monitoring SaaS

MediaLogic is now part of Nimonik

Transition from NRES to NimonikApp

Expanding on the capabilities of the NRES, Nimonik’s compliance management platform will allow users to gain access to Nimonik’s data and integrated auditing software suite, which includes over 500,000 regulations worldwide in over 400 jurisdictions across Canada, the U.S. and internationally. 

NRES Standard

NRES Standard is the base level regulatory compliance monitoring software

A subscription to NRES Standard gives you 24/7 access to the secure website which includes over 80,000 regulatory documents, robust search engine, weekly email updates of What’s New and Access to our What’s new App which allows users to filter regulatory updates by jurisdiction, author or date. 

NRES Tracking

NRES Tracking is an add-on to NRES Standard.  

With NRES Tracking  you can apply custom company filters to the What’s new list to tailor your regulatory updates to only content you care about. Each What’s  new item can be tracked with company specific comments to allow you to have a faster and more accurate understanding of what updates are critical to your business

NRES Inventory

NRES Inventory is an add-on to NRES Standard and can be used with or without  NRES Tracking. 

NRES Inventory allows companies  to build a live legal register and then tailor the regulatory compliance updates to only those items in Inventory. Your legal register can also be integrated with your EHS management system.

NRES Inventory was created specifically to help companies comply with Section 6.5 of the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) Onshore Pipeline Regulations in Canada.

NRES Inventory has been recognized by Auditors as a “Legal Register”.


MediaLogic is now part of Nimonik, please contact us by the following methods: 

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Custom Development

At Nimonik we are always striving to make it easier for customers to achieve comprehensive compliance by creating software that is

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Designed to be fast
  • Transparent and granular
  • Security focused

Please review Nimonik’s product page to learn how our compliance solution and EHSQ auditing software together help your organization achieve compliance across the operation.

About NRES

NRES is a cloud-based service (SaaS) that monitors updates to Canadian Legislation and Policies to help the organization achieve regulatory compliance and audit requirements. With over 80,000+Environment, Health and Safety rules and regulations, NRES is Canada’s Most Inclusive Online EHS Regulatory Library and EHS Monitoring Service.