What Do Great ISO 14001 Legal Registers and Compliance Obligations Look Like?

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Nimonik has seen hundreds of ISO 14001 Legal Registers and they seem to come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your organization is ISO 14001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 or even”following” the standard, building a proper legal register or legal profile for your organization can be a big help for compliance. In the presentation below Nimonik’s CEO, Jonathan Brun, highlights some of the elements that contribute to great ISO 14001 legal registers.

We discuss the dos and don’ts of building a great register and how to ensure it stays relevant for your organization over time. The presentation covers key elements such as the main difference between ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14001:2015, the best common elements seen in legal registers and the importance of transferability to new employees. The presentation also addresses many questions from the audience such as the value of a high level summary and managing access to requirements.

It is interesting to see in the polls that we have conducted during the presentation that 73% of the attendees were certified or following ISO 14001, but they all had different reasons for doing so. Indeed, 71% of them are following it for good management practices, while 26% admitted to be following it at their clients’ request and 3% did not even know why this practice was in place in their organization.

Additionally, 81% of the respondents were planning on moving to ISO 14001:20015 this year or before 2018. It comes at no surprise that 73% of attendees were still using Word and Excel for their legal register or compliance obligations, but 10% of them were using an external service such as Nimonik.

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You can learn more about mobile what makes great ISO 14001 legal registers, in this free presentation and slides.
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Nimonik Expert EHS Webinar Series: What Do Great ISO 14001 Legal Registers Look Like? from Jonathan Brun on Vimeo.