Ensure compliance to regulations, industry and corporate requirements.

"In processing the audit results, what would take two weeks now only takes one day!" - Barry, Sapphire Care

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Auditing should be simple. Our iPad, iPhone, and web based audit and inspection tools get your team on the same page. With our audit workflow, you can plan, execute, issue action items to your staff and clients, and sign-off on audits: Make your operations compliant, faster.

Our iPad and iPhone app can be used offline and online. Our web platform keeps everyone in sync and lets managers gain complete visibility. With end to end tracking and powerful corrective actions, auditing and inspecting has never been easier.

Legal and other requirements are constantly changing. Laws, regulations, codes, statutes and standards are a moving target and and their applicability to your operations can be complex. Responsible managers must stay on top of any changes that require attention.

Nimonik offers a powerful and easy to use tracking system to monitor and clearly explain changes to thousands of important regulatory documents. Add your own permits, certificates of authorizations or corporate requirements to build a customized compliance tool that is centered on your operational reality.

Clients & Testimonials

  • Our safety and quality audits can now be done twice as frequently and actions are closed out much faster. Kirk, FedEx
  • In processing the audit information, what would take two weeks now only takes one day! Barry, Sapphire Care
  • This app is awesome! Chris Swisher, Golden Aluminum
  • NimonikApp is an essential tool for any organization with sites in several jurisdictions that are affected by different legislation. Charles l’Ecuyer, Transcontinental Inc.
  • SSNS implemented the Nimonik auditing system, and in the past year the company has conducted approximately 30 audits while reducing audit time by as much as three days each. The Nimonik solution has greatly improved efficiency and time spent on generating reports. That translates to substantial savings over the course of a year! It has also allowed more time with clients in the field and saved enormously on time spent in the reporting phase. Joe Treen, Safety Services Nova Scotia
  • We have freed up resources and time within the company thanks to NimonikApp. We can spend more time improving environmental performance and less time researching our environmental obligations. Anouk Guillaume, NavCanada
  • The Nimonik on-line system is very powerful and effective in keeping the sites continuously updated on regulatory requirements. 3rd party external audit report at Rio Tinto Iron Ore Canada