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Plan and conduct internal audits and inspections on the web and mobile devices

EHS auditing software

Use Nimonik’s EHS auditing software with any device- iOS, Android or web

Streamline audits with Nimonik on iOS and Android; cell, tablet and PC.

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An EHS inspection management software for compliance

Compliance audit software automates compliance management, identifies risks, enforces policies, manages documentation, ensures data security, and enables continuous monitoring. It’s a critical tool for organizations to stay compliant with regulations, streamline processes, and reduce risks. Nimonik’s EHS inspection management software allows your organization to audit with ease.

Audit Templates

The Nimonik’s EHSQ audit software includes over 2,000 free audit templates based on standards and best practices. Organizations can build and upload their own Audit Templates to their account and distribute the templates throughout the organization.

Schedule audits

Easily create audit schedules, assign responsibilities, and provide needed information to audit teams. Ensure team members complete their audits and inspections on time. 

Audit teams can easily start scheduled audits when they are ready.

Create audits based on your compliance obligations

With Nimonik’s regulatory compliance management software, you can select specific documents you wish to audit against. The audit module extracts obligations from these documents and generates an audit protocol for use in the field.

Conduct audits and collect evidence

Audit online or offline on Apple or Android devices with Nimonik Audit App. Nimonik’s mobile auditing app allows audit teams to collaborate on the same audit – all the evidence and findings are synchronized to the Nimonik compliance solution.

Create reports

Instantly generate audit reports in PDF, Word or Excel format. Customize, share and download audit reports with your colleagues, clients and management. 

A number of reports allow you to track progress and determine improvements that can be made to your compliance program.

Issue corrective actions and effectiveness assessments

Plan and assign corrective actions for the appropriate people. Track action closure, receive reminders and rapidly close your findings. Nimonik recommends implementing effectiveness assessments to ensure the actions resolve the root causes of your findings.

API and Data Extraction

All the data you create, manage and build is accessible via an API and can be extracted by your team in Excel format. If you created the data, you own it. Contact us for more information.


Are reports part of the package?

Yes! Nimonik’s platform allows you to instantly generate audit reports in your preferred format so that it can be shared with colleagues, clients, and management.

How does Nimonik help me manage my company’s EHS and Quality compliance programs with auditing?

Nimonik is experienced in helping companies comply with regulations and standards in EHS, quality, environmental, and other compliance areas. Please browse our Environmental case studies to discover how Nimonik helps customers to ensure operational compliance. To discuss your organization’s specific needs and how Nimonik can help, contact us!

Is this only for audits?

If your organization is only looking for an auditing solution, Nimonik does offer audit only packages. However, Nimonik recommends using the auditing solution with the compliance management system to effectively manage your Obligations, Actions, and Audits.

What are your most popular features or pricing options?

Users of Nimonik love the mobile auditing tool and the integration into other platforms. For Nimonik’s compliance auditing software price information, please visit the pricing page.