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Departments are created and edited at the account level, and can be attributed to any number of your facilities. They provide a mechanism for linking related data from multiple facilities, as well as subdividing data within individual facilities.

Create and Edit Departments

Departments can only be created and edited by account administrators. To create or edit a Department, click on Settings in the More menu. Scroll down until you come to the Departments section of the page.

You can then create a new department by clicking on ‘Add a Department’, or edit an existing department by clicking on its name.

 Associate Departments to Facilities

To associate Departments to a Facility, go to the Edit page of that Facility. Begin typing the relevant names into the Departments field, and you will be prompted to select the appropriate departments from a drop-down list.

The same department can be attributed to any number of facilities across your account. This will allow you to compare the data of a given department across multiple facilities.

Associate Departments to Audits and Assets

When you are creating something that is tied to a facility, such as an audit or asset, only the departments of that facility will be selectable. If you wish to select a different department, you must first add it to the facility.

Associating Departments to Audits can be done either via the Edit page, or while you are creating the Audit from a Template. In both cases, simply scroll down to the Departments field and make the necessary additions. When you are creating an audit from a template, the departments field will not be accessible until a facility has been selected.

As with Audits, Departments can be associated to Assets either via the Edit page, or when the Asset is created. In both cases, simply scroll down to the Departments field and make the necessary additions.

When creating an audit for an asset, both on the website and the mobile app, department information will be entered automatically. Please note, if the asset is later removed, department information will remain, and must be removed manually by the user if it is no longer desired.

Filter Reports by Department

All Reports that can be Filtered by Facility can also be Filtered by Department. You can select any departments for the filter, with no restriction by facility. To do this, simply click on the Departments field, and enter the relevant department(s).

  • If you would like to see results for a particular department at a particular facility, you must select the facility and the department.

  • If you would like to see the results for a department at all facilities, then you only need to enter the department in the department field.

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