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Positions Available: EHS Regulatory Analyst, EHS Data Processor, others available according to applicants’ skill and experience

Assignment Type: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flexible

Application Deadline: Ongoing recruitment

Position Start Date: ASAP

Location: Nimonik Head Office at 602-5445 ave de Gaspé, Montréal, Canada or Remote

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About Nimonik

Nimonik helps companies respect environmental, health and safety and quality requirements. We believe that if all companies respected the regulations and standards, our environment would be cleaner, our workplaces would be safer and the quality of our products would be improved.

Job Description Summary

As part of our growth strategy, Nimonik is looking to expand our team of people who are passionate about safety, the environment and high quality products. Interest in technology, great writing, and data management are also keys to success.

For all open positions, you will help update and manage a database of environmental and occupational health and safety legislation and industrial standards. This involves using Nimonik’s web-based tools to manage data; EHS Regulatory Analysts will also explain regulatory updates and summarize legal requirements in plain language for industrial and government clients.

You will work as part of a growing team of amazing people and will report to your team leader. EHS Data Processors should welcome repetitive tasks but have a drive to eliminate them by improving and automating procedures and processes. EHS Regulatory Analysts should enjoy the different modes of thinking that you’ll use to write regulatory update summaries and to manipulate data. All positions will have the option to accept opportunities outside of your regular job duties to grow your skills, contribute your expertise, or build your professional reputation.

Qualified candidates for EHS Regulatory Analyst positions will have education or experience related to environmental, occupational health, safety, or legal fields (familiarity with US, EU, and Asian law is an asset) and at least full professional proficiency in English. Proficiency in other languages will be an asset or required for certain positions. For full-time employees, most of the work will be conducted at the Nimonik Head Office in Montréal; for part-time positions, remote work will be considered.

To Apply

Complete this brief test: https://goo.gl/forms/ZeFsNDojX5QaCJ7J3.

Successful applicants will receive a follow-up email.

Job Duties – EHS Regulatory Analyst

  1. Regularly identify EHS regulatory updates that affect a defined list of legislation.
  2. Write plain-language update notifications.
  3. Update and add to the Nimonik EHS legal regulatory database, keeping it current and accurate for the jurisdictions covered and adding information such as summaries, applicable industry sectors, and topics.
  4. Ensure data is well-organized and follows industry best practices.
  5. Answer client questions related to changes in EHS legislation.
  6. Collaborate with Nimonik’s tech team to develop features and identify problems.

Job Duties – EHS Data Processor

  1. Convert legal information into standardized database entries, using available tools and methods to work as efficiently as possible.
  2. Update and add to the Nimonik EHS legal regulatory database, keeping it current and accurate for the jurisdictions covered.
  3. Ensure data is well-organized and follows industry best practices.
  4. Organize and support the digitization of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 legal registers.
  5. Collaborate with Nimonik’s tech team to develop features and identify problems.

Requirements and Skills

  1. Intelligence, integrity, initiative.
  2. Excellent accuracy and attention to detail.
  3. Curious and flexible, with strong self-motivation.
  4. Familiarity with web technology.
  5. A drive for self-improvement and improvement of the company.
  6. Ability to conduct oneself professionally and conscientiously.
  7. (EHS Regulatory Analyst only) Education or experience and interest related to environment, worker health and safety, or public safety. Education or experience and interest related to EHS auditing or legislation in any country are an asset. Other backgrounds will be considered if you include a compelling argument in your CV for why you will succeed in the role.
  8. (EHS Regulatory Analyst only) At least full professional proficiency in English, with ability to quickly synthesize information into a short, easy-to-read summary that follows a required format. Native or bilingual proficiency in French, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages is an asset.

More About Nimonik

Nimonik is a growing company that offers online and mobile tools to track EHS legal requirements and audit on iPad and iPhone. Learn more at our site.