(ENG) Québec foreman found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

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A Quebec court just ruled that a construction company owner, Sylvain Fournier,  is guilty of involuntary manslaughter of a worker, Gilles Lévesque. The decision has not yet been published, but you can read details of the ruling in French here. It seems that the worker was working in an excavated trench with high walls. The worker was not trained for this type of work, did not hold the certifications required for this work and was not wearing his personal protective equipment. The owner of the small construction company was aware of all these issues and allowed the work to continue.

A pile of excavated material, placed at the edge of the excavation, made the wall collapse and killed the worker. This ruling will be published shortly and will likely set a precedent in Quebec and Canada for the responsibility of business owners and foremen. More details to follow as this receives further analysis.