The Price For Not Recycling Goes Up – To $6-Million!

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A bill moving through Parliament in Ottawa will push fines for not recycling up steeply, a lot of money to pay for not recycling a $1 newspaper. By Isaac Rudik at Compliance Solutions Canada – a Nimonik affiliate

Blue bins and boxes are so common around workplaces that people don’t even notice them anymore; they’re part of the industrial landscape. But while most employees may be in the habit of tossing a soda can or old newspaper in the container, not as many businesses are as diligent about recycling.

That may be about to change because the price for not recycling is set to skyrocket.

A bill moving through the House of Commons in Ottawa will push fines up to as much as a whopping $6-million for a corporation found guilty of violating recycling provisions of environmental laws – and a biting $1-million for company officers. Even employees can be held liable, although the fines would be somewhat less.

That’s a lot of money to pay for not recycling a $1 newspaper. Keep Reading here.