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    This form will generate a quick estimate of annual costs for a corporate Nimonik subscription. Please note the final contract price may differ. The estimate includes onboarding, training, and support costs built-in to give you a rough figure for the total annual cost

    Do you need Compliance Obligations (regulatory content) to build and/or manage a legal register with regulatory updates?

    Do you need to extract obligations/requirements from internal documents such as permits, policies, procedures, and contracts?

    Do you need to manage actions related to compliance?

    Do you need a web and mobile tool to conduct audits and inspections?

    Which topics do you need regulatory content for?

    Do you need any of the following industry specific supplements?

    *Our standard service is for General Industry which covers most regulations. Some specific industries such as the ones listed above have additional industry-specific EHS regulations. If you operate in any of the industries above please select the ones that are applicable.

    Internal Obligations are requirements that your organization has imposed on itself. In contrast to External Obligations which are imposed by a third party (i.e. Government), Internal Obligations are generated through the activities you engage in. These can be found in documents such as:

    • corporate policies,
    • permits,
    • contracts,
    • stakeholder engagements and,
    • other agreements you have chosen to adopt.

    Nimonik provides the ability to extract obligations from these documents and manage them in your compliance registers.

    How many audit users do you need?

    How many audits do you conduct per year?

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    At that point you can set up a time to speak with a Nimonik representative who will provide you a formal validated quote including a breakdown of costs. You may also be eligible for certain discounts.

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