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Legislation Update Notifications



Nimonik offers two levels of regulatory information:



1.Law Level (Compliance Obligation) the documents you are tracking, which appear at the level of law, regulation and other documents.



If a Compliance Obligation item changes, a Action is issued on your Actions page near the time of the in-force date, and the legislation is marked as “Requires Review”. There are two types of changes:



  • Legislation Update (Leg Update)
  • 法律法规的更新(日志更新)


  • New Legislation (New Leg.)
  • 新添加的法律法规(创建新的日志)


[picture of the two types]


All of your Actions are sent by email on Monday in two ways, depending on the user level:



  • General Users receive a list of Actions for which they are responsible.
  • 普通用户会收到他们负责的任务列表


  • Administrators receive a list of all the outstanding Actions.
  • 管理员会收到所有未完成的任务列表



2.Clause Level (Section Level Compliance Obligation) The documents you are tracking appear parsed down to the clause level for each Compliance Obligation.

  1. 条款级别(条款级合规义务清单)您所要追踪监测的是出现在合规义务清单中每条法规解析的条款级别的内容


Two to three weeks after a change is published at a centralized site, such as CANLII or eCFR, the parsed version of the Compliance Obligation will be updated by our team. Clauses that have been changed will be marked “Requires Review”, and highlighted in Yellow.

更新会集中在诸如 CANLII或 Ecfr 网站上发布,随后的两到三个星期,合规义务的解析版本将由我们团队更新。已更新的条款会被标记为“需要审查”,且用黄色标记突显。

[picture of it]


One consolidated email will be sent to the person responsible for the Compliance Obligation or the affected legislation with the various clauses that have changed.


Important Notes


To ensure that emails are delivered correctly, please select the appropriate responsible person. This can be done at the level of Compliance Obligations or for individual legislation. If no responsible person is selected, the emails will be sent to all account administrators. It is also recommended to keep on top of these tasks to maintain a tidy Actions list.