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Recently, I have been privileged to work with a team of facility managers to help them implement a robust regulatory compliance program. Compliance analysts and building managers embedded within large, multinational companies with a diverse scope of business operations face numerous challenges. For one, property managers, real estate portfolio managers, and other facilities personnel are […]

Many organizations face frequent and increasing regulatory changes across multiple jurisdictions, domains, and categories. These changes often become a significant source of risk to an organization’s resilience if not managed in a proactive and organized manner. Therefore, it is of vital importance that organizations successfully manage the impact of regulatory change before they occur and […]

In December 2020, Nimonik conducted a survey of 79 risk and compliance professionals about their management of internal obligations at their respective organizations. The results demonstrated that the management of Internal Obligations still has a long way to go even at some of the world’s most well run and established firms. For the purpose of […]

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