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Mobile EHS and Quality auditing, faster than ever before[:fr]Parce que les audits et inspections devraient être un jeu d’enfants

Audit with any device
iOS, Android or web

]Streamline audits with Nimonik on iOS and Android; cell, tablet and PC.

20 Day Free Trial Account

Download our Free Inspection and Audit iPad and iPhone AppDownload our Free Inspection and Audit Android App

Schedule audits and issue action items

Create audit schedules, assign responsibilities and ensure team members complete tasks on time. Receive alerts and maintain logs with date, time and comments for every audit.

Use our free audit templates or create your own

Audit your way. While we offer over 2000 ready to go free templates, you can also quickly create your own.

Conduct complete compliance audits with our library of over 200 global audit protocols.

Audit and inspect with or without the Internet

Auditors work under extreme conditions mostly at places with no Internet. We understand these challenges and designed Nimonik to function both online as well as offline.

Attach evidence to corrective action closure

Attach images, documents and other media files to explain what was done to close a corrective action. The files appear in the audit report with the date, time, person and note that was left when closing the item.

Assess effectiveness of corrective actions

Find if the corrective action solved the root cause of the issue by scheduling an Effectiveness Assessment for the corrective action.

Issue beautiful reports

Issue beautiful PDF, Word and Excel Reports directly from your iPad or Android device. At the tap of a button send an inspection report to your colleagues, clients and supervisor. Download a Sample Audit Report

Report and benchmark

Understand your audit trends. Easily compare audits, locations or suppliers to see who is naughty and who is nice. Extract employee performance metrics, corrective action reports and much more. Pull everything out of our system for detailed benchmarking.

Integrate into your systems

Getting your team mobile has never been easier. Export data and easily connect Nimonik to your existing ERP systems.

Data Security is a top priority at Nimonik.

Nimonik encrypts all data, offers Single Sign On, enforces strong passwords and regularly tests our systems with Penetration tests and other security measures. Our systems are used by numerous Fortune 500 companies, who rely on us to keep their data safe and secure. Nimonik operates an information security management system based on ISO 27001.
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