Health, Safety and Environmental Legal Compliance Audit Protocols

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Nimonik offers over 150 environmental, health and safety legal compliance audit protocols for over 150 jurisdictions worldwide. These audit templates are up-to-date and will help ensure your operations comply with applicable codes, laws, statutes, and regulations. All audit questions come with complete legal references and plain language requirements.

“Smart” audit questions automatically filter applicability of other questions. The combination of the easy-to-use technology, photos, audio and document attachments, frequent updates of audit protocols and the advanced reporting tools distinguish Nimonik Audit Protocols from other software solutions or Excel- and Word-based audits.


United States – General Industry

Basic Environmental

Basic OHS

United States – Sector Specific Templates

  • CALO (OSHA Auditing: California Occupational Health and Safety Audit Guide)
  • COA – (OSHA Auditing: Federal – Construction)
  • EACF (Environmental Auditing: Integrated Federal and California Compliance Guide)
  • EACFSB (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality Management in Santa Barbara California)
  • EAFCT (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT for Coating Industry Operations)
  • EAFHWC (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT for Hazardous Waste Combustors)
  • EAFIC (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT for Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing)
  • EAFMP (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT for Mineral Processing Industry)
  • EAFOG (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT Standards for Upstream Oil & Natural Gas Processing)
  • EAFOC (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT for Organic Chemical Manufacturing)
  • EAFPST (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT for Pesticide Active Ingredient Production)
  • EAFRD (Environmental Auditing: Federal Air Quality MACT for Site Remediation)
  • FIFRA-Environmental Auditing
  • FIRE – Firecodes
  • GHGSC – Green House Gas Auditing of Supply Chains
  • GHGUSAO – US Federal Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Audit Protocol
  • LAS-Laser Safety
  • MCA – (DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation and Motor Carrier Safety: Federal)
  • OILGAS – Onshore&Offshore Upstream Oil&Gas: Federal
  • PSA – (Pipeline Safety Auditing: Federal)


Canada Federal Environmental & OHS Audit Template

Canada OHS For Federal Workers Audit Template (based on Part II of the federal labour code)

  • Ontario Fire Code Audit Template
  • Municipal Audit Templates:
    • Calgary
    • City of Toronto
    • Edmonton
    • Fredericton
    • Greater Vancouver Regional District
    • Halifax/Dartmouth
    • Montreal, Ottawa, Peel, Regina, Sarnia, St. John, St. John’s, Victoria, Windsor, Winnipeg

Canada Sector Specific Templates



Nimonik is thrilled to offer audit protocols for environment, health and safety for over 80 countries around the world.  Contact us to discuss in more detail.


Europe (Including EU regulations):

Middle East & Africa:

Asia Pacific: