Monitoring Devices

Accurately monitor indoor and outdoor air quality in real-time

Accurate • Simple • Affordable

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Stronger air quality regulations require industries to better monitor environmental data

Diminishing distance between facilities and local communities is increasing tensions between the two. Companies that want to prevent air quality issues are now taking action. Continuous monitoring records and community engagement are proving successful.

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Governments are now under pressure to continuously monitor air quality

The public expects government to ensure clean air. However, local governments are finding traditional monitoring stations costly to install and manage. A new range of devices is helping smart cities monitor air more efficiently.

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Office workers are learning the effects of poor indoor air

Increasing evidence linking indoor air quality to employee productivity and health is raising questions on organizational responsibility. Progressive employers are taking action to ensure their offices have clean air.

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In the past, air monitoring has been challenging and expensive

Government approved stationary reference stations, though accurate, have many limitations...

  • are hugely expensive
  • are massive
  • need experts to operate
  • are painful to maintain and
  • are geographically limited

...Just like most low-cost near-reference devices, which are:

  • largely inaccurate and
  • short-lived

    Above all things, an ideal air-monitoring device should be:

    • accurate; because otherwise it's no good
    • easy to use; because you shouldn't need to hire an expert to operate the device
    • portable; so that you can move it around facilities
    • weatherproof; so it can be used in all weather conditions
    • and affordable; because if it's not in your budget, it does not matter how good it is

    Read about U.S. Government recommendations before buying an air monitoring sensor.

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Nimonik has partnered with Ecomesure to offer Indoor and Outdoor Near-Reference air-monitoring devices

Nimonik is happy to present powerful and affordable air monitoring devices.

Based in Paris, ECOMESURE has been working in air monitoring for over 30 years. The devices:

  • monitor indoor and outdoor air quality for particulate matter, O3, NO2, CO2, CO, H2S, SO2, VOCs, noise, temperature, pressure and humidity
  • provide ppb accuracy
  • store and transmit data securely to a web platform
  • are fully automated
  • compact in size
  • easy to install and simple to maintain
  • weatherproof
  • provide easy to interpret real-time data and reports, downloadable as Excel files
  • easily integrate multiple devices to provide results better than reference stations

Read product specifications at the bottom of the page

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Receive graphic reports on any device, anytime, anywhere

The devices send encrypted measurements to a secure web based platform that offers:

  • Real-time measurements
  • Graphical display
  • Downloadable reports
  • Control to manage the device remotely
  • The choice to receive alerts via SMS or e-mail when you approach a set limit
  • Option to receive daily or weekly air quality reports

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Use the devices with your existing equipment

In addition to continuous air monitoring, the devices are excellent for:

  • Supplementary monitoring; to work with your existing monitoring equipment
  • Rapid deployment and special purpose monitoring; to check air quality at a particular time at a specific location
  • Air quality studies; where accuracy is needed but utmost precision is not a requirement

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Organizations from a variety of industries are using Ecomesure for indoor and outdoor air monitoring

Whether you require outdoor air monitoring for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Warehouse
  • Mines
  • Quarries
  • Smart Cities
  • Internet of Things etc.

Or indoor monitoring for:

  • Public transport/Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Universities
  • Malls
  • Warehouses
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Malls etc.

The devices' accuracy, wide range of applications, simplicity, affordability, and size make them suitable for every industry in any conditions.

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Devices are plug and play

  • Install effortlessly in 1 step
  • Set-up conveniently with its plug & play system
  • Receive exceptional customer support at all stages of use
  • Maintain the device painlessly, with only an annual, one-step, sensor replacement
  • Choose to get an annual audit of the device
  • Add and remove sensors to meet your varying needs
  • Connect easily to a safety supply in the event of power failure or simply choose to run on solar panel
  • Receive training to master data analysis via emails and texts to plan appropriate action

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Enjoy convenience & stay assured of data security

Ecomesure Indoor and Outdoor air-monitoring devices offer you convenience and security.

  • Data storage on the internal memory from 2 weeks to 2 years in the absence of Internet connection
  • Automatic software updates
  • Encoded and encrypted data transmission; 256 bit encryption possible, the highest authorized for civil applications
  • Secure password access to the web platform

Data Security is a top priority at Nimonik.

Nimonik encrypts all data, offers Single Sign On, enforces strong passwords and regularly tests our systems with Penetration tests and other security measures. Our systems are used by numerous Fortune 500 companies, who rely on us to keep their data safe and secure. Nimonik is moving towards ISO 27001 in 2020.
Download our IT Security PDF Details

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Product Specifications

Communication among devices (Outdoor use) Radio 868 MHz (Europe) or 900 MHz (USA, Canada) / Line of sight range: 2 km LoRa/SigFox ready
(Indoor use) Radio Mesh Network 2.4 GHz (IEEE 802.15.4) – Line of sight range: 500 m / LoRa/SigFox ready
Communication with the web server Ethernet (optional 3G backup connection) or WiFi
Encrypted and secured data exchanges using SSL protocol
Digital I/O 1 Digital Input / 1 Digital Output
Localization Accelerometer, GPS
Access to services
Secured by password and SSL authentication
Services “On-line data access and FTP download
Automatic reports
Customized graphics
Alerts by SMS and e-mail
Synchronization with other instruments connected to the ECOMBOX system (e.g. weather station, indoor air analyzers, …) “
Power supply 5 VDC USB, 2 A max
Mains adapter included: 100-240VAC(outdoor) 90-264 VAC (indoor) 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (Indoor use) H7 x L3.5 x P3˝ (H17.5 x L8.5 x D7.3 cm) / 1.8 lbs. (0.8 kg)
(Outdoor use with cover) H8 x L8 x P3.5˝ (H20 x L21 x D9 cm) / 1.2 kg  (Clamped onto a post or a fence, IP54 (water resistant for outdoor conditions) Installed vertically
Temperature / Relative Humidity From 10 to 110 °F (-10 to 45 °C) / from 10 to 85 % RH without condensation
From 0 to 120 °F (-20 to 50 °C) / from 0 to 95 % RH without condensation with degraded performances
Certifications CE class B, FCC class A
Solar kit ˝ Option Solar Panel / Battery weatherproof assembly


Sensor Specifications

PM sensor (optical) (outdoor use) Continuous and simultaneous measurement of PM2.5 and PM10
Total flow rate: 1.2 L/min, 0 – 105 part/cm3
Coincidence error < 0.84 % at 106 part/L
  Range Accuracy
PMtotal sensor (optical) 0 – 10000000 part/cm³ 9%
CO2 sensor (infrared) 0 to 5000 ppm 50 ppm at full scale
VOC sensor (PID) 0 to 50 ppm eq. isobutylene up to 1 ppb
CO sensor (electrochemical) 0 to 400 ppm 20 ppb
NO2 (electrochemical) 0 to 20 ppm 15 ppb
O3 (electrochemical) 0 to 20 ppm 15 ppb
Temperature 0 to 120 °F (-20 to +50 °C) 0.02 °F (0.01°C)
Humidity 0 to 100 % 0.04 %
Pressure 950 to 1050 hPa 1 hPa
Corrections Drift corrected as a function of temperature, relative humidity and ageing  
Dimensions H5 x L3.5 x D1.5˝ (H128 x L85 x D38 mm)  



Which sensor combinations are possible?

Temperature, pressure, GPS and relative humidity sensors are included on all units.


  • 0 or 1 PM total sensor
  • 0 to 2 of the following sensors (VOC, CO2, noise)
  • 0 to 3 of the following sensors (CO, NO2, O3*, SO2, H2S)


  • 0 or 1 PM (10, 2.5 & 1)
  • 0 to 2 of the following sensors (VOC, CO2, noise)
  • 0 to 3 of the following sensors (CO, NO2, O3*, SO2, H2S)

* The O3 sensor requires the NO2 sensor in conjunction.

What is the measurement principle for each sensor?

Sensor Principle Detection limit
PM (PM10-PM2.5-PM1) / outdoor Optical 6µg/m³
PMtotal/indoor Optical 6µg/m³
CO Electrochemical 2ppm
CO2 Infrared 300ppm
NO2 Electrochemical 6ppb
O3 Electrochemical 20ppb
H2S Electrochemical To be confirmed
VOC PID 10ppb (reference isobutylene)
SO2 Electrochemical To be confirmed

Do the devices have a battery?

The devices have an internal battery that withstands small power cuts. The battery is not rechargeable.

Is data lost if the Internet disconnects?

In the event of a loss of Internet connectivity, the devices record the measurements on the internal memory card and send them to the platform when Internet connectivity is restored.

How do the devices connect to the internet?

Ethernet, WiFi (Dongle*) or 3G. If the unit is at significant distance from the internet connection, an additional device can be used to extend the range (box-to-box radio).

Do the devices have built in memory?

Yes, the devices have built-in flash memory that can store up to 2 weeks of data. This is very useful in case of web connection failures. For a fee, additional memory can be added which allows up to 2 years of data storage.

What about power failures?

The devices can be connected to a safety supply.

Is it possible to run a unit on a solar panel/ battery?

The solar panel, battery, regulator and mounting casing accessory kit are available. The standard version is designed to operate an outdoor device in Paris 24/7 all year round. 

How do they work with my data logger?

A data logger is not necessary because the data is securely stored on the cloud and locally. Data is stored for 1 year and can be downloaded easily in Excel format files.

Do the devices require a computer to function?


Is the data secured?

Data transmitted by the indoor as well as outdoor devices is encoded and encrypted. The access to the platform is secured by a password. If required, the cloud data can be encrypted at 256 bit encryption, the highest authorized for civil applications.

Typically, how long can it take to implement the solution?

The shipping time is three weeks after the reception of PO and payment. The setup itself is plug & play.

How are software updates handled?

Software update costs are included in the subscription. All updates are undertaken on the cloud only. No updates are required for the devices.

Can I change the location of the indoor or outdoor device?

You can move both the devices. They are equipped with a GPS which makes a positioning assessment at each start-up and each movement (detected by an accelerometer). The position of the unit on the web platform is updated accordingly. GPS coordinates are stored and can be downloaded in conjunction of the measurements for further analysis or data visualization.

Is it possible to use the devices in a ventilation duct or a stack with forced air?

The devices are not designed for ventilation systems or stacks. Air flow may interfere with particle measurements.

How long do the cartridges keep their calibration?

The devices are provided with an initial new cartridge of gas sensors. The cartridges are calibrated against reference approved instruments (ISO17024 and ISO9000 certified). The calibration will last for 12 months thanks to advance algorithms that consider drift, temperature, pressure and humidity. After one year, you can buy new calibrated cartridges or, return the cartridges for refurbishing and get 25% credit on original price of a new cartridge. The refurbished cartridges will go through the same rigorous calibration process.


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