Audit faster than ever before

Audit with any device, iOS, Android or Web

Get your audit program up-to-speed

Mobile audits save you hours in auditing and report writing while helping you communicate findings more effectively. All this while maintaining a complete log of your efforts so you are inspection ready at all times.​

With Nimonik you can audit with ease...

Access more than 2000 free checklists or upload your own template

Audit with or without the Internet in remote facilities

Click, annotate, and attach pictures to better communicate findings

Dictate or type notes

Add PDFs and media files like voice recordings

Continue audit on another device, mobile or desktop

....while collaborating with your colleagues

Issue corrective actions to relevant personnel

​Schedule audits

​Analyse trends across all your facilities

Integrate data with your existing ERP systems like SAP and Oracle

​Issue beautiful audit reports

Issue beautiful PDF, Word and Excel Reports directly from your iPad or Android device. Send an inspection report to your colleagues, clients and supervisor at the tap of a button.

​​Report and benchmark

Understand your audit trends.

Easily compare audits, locations or suppliers to see who is naughty and who is nice.

Extract employee performance metrics, corrective action reports and much more. Pull everything out of our system for detailed benchmarking.

Why you should choose Nimonik

​Most auditing tools on the market are either too complex or too basic. Nimonik's functionality and its easy to use interface ensure that your front-line personnel easily adopt the tool and bring the results you expect. 

With Nimonik, getting approval from the IT department is a breeze as we take data security seriously and are in the process of getting ISO 27001 certified.

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Staff who have conducted audits on paper in the past, and then Nimonik, were amazed...

About Nimonik

Great companies need to audit and manage their environmental, safety and quality requirements as efficiently as possible. Nimonik works with companies around the world to help them achieve operational excellence.

Nimonik integrates company specific requirements, 90,000 regulations and 3,000 industry standards and an easy to use software. Businesses, large and small, in nearly every industry rely on Nimonik to keep their operations running smoothly.

How organizations use Nimonik Audit

The ACT Group

Accounting firm

Audit and inspect
on mobile devices

Sapphire Care

Nursing home

Ensure quality and safety
compliance on iPad and iPhone

Petroleum Inspectors

Petroleum specialized inspections

Conduct audits of oil rigs