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Extract and Manage Corporate Requirements, Contracts & Permits

Streamline compliance to company specific requirements – from corporate standards to government issued permits and stakeholder engagements.

Manage company specific requirements in four easy steps

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Use our Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process and extract requirements in your permits, contracts and stakeholder engagements.

Easily upload your corporate standards and create checklists to audit your operations against them. Receive reminders when you need to inspect for conformance to your compliance obligations from a variety of sources!

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Manage environmental permits, contracts and certificates

Easily upload your environmental or other types of permits in Microsoft Word, PDF or other digital formats. Alternatively, you can link to permits hosted on your internal document management system.

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Receive Actions to complete

With our centralized Actions page, notifications to send a sample to the government, file a report or renew a permit are all centralized on, on our mobile software, by email, or by our integrated calendar widget.

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Assign responsibility and take action

Issue access to the right people. From the Actions page, you can assign a responsible person and they can review the Actions related to a corporate standard, permit or government approval. Your team then leaves a note and Nimonik logs the date and time, creating a rigorous paper trail of your compliance efforts.

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Create a complete paper trail

Demonstrating compliance requires evidence. When the external audit comes, you will be ready. With Nimonik, you will build up a detailed history of your legal compliance efforts, reviews and actions taken. All your compliance efforts are quickly demonstrated at the click of a button.

Data Security is a top priority at Nimonik.

Nimonik encrypts all data, offers Single Sign On, enforces strong passwords and regularly tests our systems with Penetration tests and other security measures. Our systems are used by numerous Fortune 500 companies, who rely on us to keep their data safe and secure. Nimonik is moving towards ISO 27001 in 2020.
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