Industry Standards and Best Practices

There are many different industry standards and Nimonik is here to help. Nimonik believes that your organization should have easy access to tools to stay compliant to industry leading standards. Whether you operate in IT Security and follow ISO 27001 and SOC-2, whether you operate in the Oil & Gas industry and comply to American Petroleum Institute standards or if you are an electronics recycling company and comply to ARPE, R2 or WEEE – Nimonik is here to help.

Sometimes you require on the ground help and that is why Nimonik works with subject matter experts and consultants around the world to help our clients implement, audit and comply with relevant standards. Nimonik works with IT security experts, oil & gas auditors, green buildings experts and sustainable maritime industry experts. If you need implementation help, we can pair you with a local consultant who can provide cost effective solution for your operations. Leveraging our up-to-date database and mobile auditing tools, your ongoing compliance to your industry standards will be as smooth as possible.

Below are some of the standards we help companies comply with.

Standards Body Standard(s) Nimonik Solutions Nimonik or Partner
ISO 27001 Audit Framework CISS
ISO 14001, 45001/OHSAS 18001, 50001 Compliance Obligations & Inspections Nimonik
ISO 9001 Inspection Tools Nimonik
Green Marine Environmental Program Compliance Obligations Groupe Alphard
American Petroleum Institute  Various Audit Framework Petroleum Specialized Inspectors
Various Electronics Recyclers R2, ARPE, WEEE Compliance Obligations & Inspections Nimonik
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) HAACP Audit Framework Nimonik
CSA Various Rack Standards Audit Framework Rack Networks
National Energy Board (Canada) Onshore Pipeline Regulations Compliance Obligations Assessment Tools Nimonik