Oil & Natural Gas – Upstream and Downstream

Oil & Gas upstream operations, refining and distribution are high risk and highly regulated. Learn why Oil & Gas companies build their compliance programs with Nimonik’s compliance management software.

Upstream and downstream oil & gas have big challenges

Nimonik has a long history with the Oil & Gas industry. From Oil Sands to shale to traditional upstream production, Nimonik helps producers track their regulatory requirements, applicable industry standards and their own internal requirements from licences and permits.

With large geographic footprints, significant mobile staff, remote locations and changing regulations, compliance with regulatory requirements is an essential and challenging part of operations. Nimonik works closely oil and gas producers to ensure regulatory updates are informing the right people and compliance actions are clearly documented for external auditors to verify.

Refineries rely on Nimonik

Nimonik works with oil & gas refineries to implement a robust compliance program and ensure they are respecting their requirements in environmental and health and safety regulatory obligations and their own requirements found in licences, permits and other documents.

Nimonik helps refineries stay current on all of their regulatory requirements – from environment, to health and safety, public safety and construction. We help build a link between your operations and your requirements.

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