Ensure compliance across your fleets of trucks, planes and ships and throughout your warehouses and drop-points.

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Logistics companies rely on Nimonik

Logistics companies around the world must inspect their fleets of vehicles and their warehouses. Ensuring you are compliant to codes, standards and laws in multiple jurisdictions is a significant challenge.

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Streamline inspections across your operations

Using mobile technology, your staff can access relevant data, requirements and information throughout your operations. Whether you are inspecting a truck, a ship or a warehouse, Nimonik allows you to audit against the correct requirements in the field and at your desk.

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Deliver management reports

Reporting to management is very time consuming. Nimonik helps you transform your Excel files into rich management reports that help you and your colleagues understand your logistics' company's strengths and weaknesses.

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Rack Safety and Inspection Standards Explained

Rack inspection requirements are becoming more and more common in building codes and it seems most countries have or are developing their respective standards companies should be aware of. In Canada, the CSA A344 is the user guide that establishes the needs for inspection. In the United States, the document that deals with inspection of racking is the RMI publication Considerations for the Planning and Use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks. And in Europe, the important benchmark document is the EN15635.

Rack Inspection Checklists

The following free checklists cover standards from the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), as well as the Canadian Standard Association (CSA). These will enable you to ensure that your storage racks comply in terms of assembly, beam, usage, basic integrity checks and first-time facility audit

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