Nimonik works with environmental, health and safety consultants like you. Nimonik helps ensure your clients are up to date on their compliance issues and come back to you for repeat business.

Logistics companies rely on Nimonik

Logistics companies around the world must inspect their fleets of vehicles and their warehouses. Ensuring you are compliant to codes, standards and laws in multiple jurisdictions is a significant challenge.

Streamline inspections across your operations

Using mobile technology, your staff can access relevant data, requirements and information throughout your operations. Whether you are inspecting a truck, a ship or a warehouse, Nimonik allows you to audit against the correct requirements in the field and at your desk.

Deliver management reports

Reporting to management is very time consuming. Nimonik helps you transform your Excel files into rich management reports that help you and your colleagues understand your logistics’ company’s strengths and weaknesses.

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