Governments and Public Bodies

Governments and public bodies are often leaders in environmental and safety performance. Nimonik helps them streamline their tools and ensure they are compliant across their operations.

Governments lead the way

Government bodies have a wide array of operations with many moving parts. Ensuring compliance across their services is no easy feat.

In addition, government has an important role to play as a leader in environmental and safety performance. Government often sets the standard in EHS that private industry then follows.

Nimonik works closely with its government clients to ensure regulatory updates are informing the appropriate staff and compliance actions are clearly documented for external auditors to verify.

Government operations require robust compliance tools

Nimonik works with numerous government bodies to help them maintain their environmental and health and safety regulatory obligations, including compliance with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Legal and Other Requirements.

Working with municipal, provincial, state and federal agencies, Nimonik recognizes the complex operations many government agencies have – water treatment, waste management, office buildings and electric supply. Government is essential to every other part of the economy and Nimonik plays a key role in ensuring their smooth and compliant operations.

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