Facilities Management

Ensure your buildings and their managers are aware of safety and environmental regulations. Empower them to inspect and audit their facilities more efficiently.

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Building managers around the world use Nimonik

Building managers have a tall challenge. Staying up to date with environmental, safety and quality control standards from different governments and different clients is no easy task. Yet, it is critical as a service provider that you deliver a building that is both operationally excellent and compliant to applicable requirements.

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Inspect and access data on the go

When visiting your buildings, you should be able to quickly access the building's requirements, relevant plans and documents and other pertinent information. With Nimonik mobile solution, you can tell which building is subject to which requirements and then conduct an audit or inspection of the structure and equipment and people.

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Get a global picture of client buildings

Reporting to your management or to your clients is critical. Nimonik centralizes your data - both the data from the website and the mobile audits is seamlessly integrated to provide you with a clear picture of the compliance and performance of your buildings. Generate reports by client, by location or by requirement and identify buildings that require more attention. Nimonik aims to save you time and avoid any oversights.

Facility manager conducting an audit

What Do Great ISO 14001 Legal Registers and Compliance Obligations Look Like?

We discuss the dos and don’ts of building a great register and how to ensure it stays relevant for your organization over time. The presentation covers key elements such as the main difference between ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14001:2015, the best common elements seen in legal registers and the importance of transferability to new employees. The presentation also addresses many questions from the audience such as the value of a high level summary and managing access to requirements.

ISO 50001 Legal Registers for Energy Management

Nimonik works with a number of energy producers as well as many energy consumers to ensure that they have legal information organized and in order so that they can demonstrate their compliance to ISO 50001. This voluntary requirement is in addition to new requirements in the EU to conduct energy audits under the Energy Efficiency Directive. As CO2 continues to rise, efforts to reduce energy consumption as much as efforts to shift to renewable will have a big impact on our collective future. Legislation on energy issues is evolving, with the EU taking the lead on a number of fronts. Nimonik is here to help companies looking to manage their environmental and energy legal requirements in an efficient and effective manner.

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