Consultants – Environment, Health, Safety and Quality

Nimonik works with environmental, health and safety consultants like you. Nimonik helps ensure your clients are up to date on their compliance issues and come back to you for repeat business.

Implement a white label solution at client Locations

A relationship with your client needs to be maintained even after your audit is done. Instead of handing off a static Word or PDF audit report to your client, you can offer them interactive and easy-to-use software. The Nimonik platform for regulatory updates and auditing tools can be white labelled with your consulting brand, allowing you to place your company logo and colours and have the automated emails come from your consulting company’s domain. Nimonik provides the technology and base content, you offer the expertise and personal service. A white label solution will create a professional ongoing compliance assurance and communication platform between you and your clients.

Work faster, issue beautiful audit reports and EHS updates to your clients.

As a consultant you have the confidence and trust of your client. Nimonik supports and complements you by adding value to the services you already deliver. With Nimonik you and your clients can stay informed of environmental, health and safety requirements while you continue to support them.

Nimonik works with numerous consultancies and registrars around the world who provide professional services in a cost effective manner.

Increase audit efficiency

Time is money and Nimonik wants to help you save time. In the competitive marketplace of environmental, health and safety it is essential to use modern tools to increase efficiency. Our consulting clients have cut 25% of their report writing time, with some reporting up to a 70% time savings!

“SSNS implemented the Nimonik auditing system, and in the past year the company has conducted approximately 30 audits while reducing audit time by as much as three days each. The Nimonik solution has greatly improved efficiency and time spent on generating reports. That translates to substantial savings over the course of a year! It has also allowed more time with clients in the field and saved enormously on time spent in the reporting phase.” – Joe Treen from Safety Services Nova Scotia

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