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EHS and Quality control on your production lines and supply chains in the automotive sector is a big challenge. How can you ensure you are compliant to external and internal requirements without expending significant resources?

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Automotive companies have many moving parts

Automotive companies have complex operations with tens of thousands of parts, hundreds of thousands of staff and locations around the world. Ensuring you meet environmental and safety requirements, quality control standards and your clients' standards is complex, to say the least.

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Reduce errors and issues in production

Automotive companies operate in a cost competitive environment where every moment counts. A late delivery or faulty product is very costly. With Nimonik, you can centralize two critical elements: EHS regulatory requirements and industry standards you must comply with. By centralizing your data, you can see trends and track problems to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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Centralize and analyze your quality, environmental and safety data

Analyzing your compliance information is complex. With Nimonik you can analyze weekly, monthly and annual quality and EHS data. You can also compare your operations over time and across business units.

Produce powerful management reports, identify recurring problems, and find solutions. Nimonik helps automotive companies around the world ensure their operations are running at peak performance.

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Pain Points for the Automotive Industry

“Standardize. Standardize. Standardize. It is nuts to try to maintain 8 different Customer – Specific Quality Management Systems in addition to ISO-TS 16949” – Survey respondent, Deloitte / AIAG Quality 2020 Study

Porsche Hybrids

If you love beautiful things, then you will love this 15 minute commercial of Porshe’s hybrid vehicles. More and more cars are going hybrid and electric and it is great to see the top of the line companies following suit.