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User Roles

Nimonik offers four types of users:

  • Account Administrators – Can see and edit everything in the account
  • Read Only Administrators – Can see everything in the account, but cannot edit anything
  • General Users – Can see and edit only what they have been given access to. They can create new items in the account. For more on how to manage general user permissions, click here.
  • Restricted General Users can see what they have been given access to. They can edit audits, compliance obligations and permits. They cannot create or Edit Audit Templates. They cannot create Facilities.

You can see a list of all of the users in your account and their assigned roles by visiting the Manage Users Page.

All users start as general users, but account administrators can change their roles at any time by following the steps below;

  • Go to the Manage Users Page
  • Click Edit next to the user that you would like to adjust
  • Click on Role on the resulting page
  • Select the appropriate user role
  • Click Save

In addition to the roles above, Nimonik allows you to further customize user access through Facility Administrators  and General User Restrictions.

Facility Administrators 

Facility administrators are general users, but in the facilities that they are assigned to they can see and edit everything. 

Facility Administrator status can be assigned either on the Create/Edit page of the facility, or on the Edit User page.

Restrict General Users

You can restrict All general users in your account by checking the Restrict General Users checkbox on the manage users page. You can also set specific users to be Restricted General Users.

Restricted General Users

  • Cannot create or edit audit templates. 
  • Cannot create new facilities, or edit facilities that they do not administer
  • Can start and complete audits from the templates that they have access to.
  • Can change document status, add notes and custom field text, and complete actions issued for compliance obligations
  • Can complete the actions associated with scheduler obligations

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