3.3.12 Use Connected Compliance Obligations to Manage Duplicate New Documents

When a new document is added to Nimonik, every Compliance Obligations Register that is subscribed to receive new documents, and has matching topics, jurisdictions, and industry sectors, will receive an External Action. This can lead to duplicate actions, especially in larger accounts. 

In order to help reduce the number of new document actions, and manage new documents more centrally, Nimonik has introduced Connected Compliance Obligations. You can use Connected Compliance Obligations to manage your New Document Actions by following the steps below:

  • Create a new  Compliance Obligations register (Parent) that includes all of the Jurisdictions, Sectors, Document Statuses, Topics, and Document Types that are relevant to your operations.
    • Make sure that it is subscribed to receive New Documents (Go on the Compliance Obligation register’s “Edit Page” scroll down to the “Automatically add new documents to compliance obligations” option and select “Yes”)
  • Create all of your facility-specific Compliance Obligation registers (Children).
    • Make sure that they are not subscribed to receive new document actions.

When documents that are applicable to your operations are added to Nimonik, they will generate a single External Action in the Parent register.

The responsible party can then review these documents and use the Connect Compliance Obligations feature to add them to the relevant Child registers if applicable.