2.2.1 Transfer Permissions and Responsibilities

The permissions transfer feature allows account administrators to transfer permissions and responsibilities from one user to either another user or a team. To transfer a user’s permissions,

Go to the manage users page and click “Edit” next to their name.

On the resulting page, scroll down to the permissions transfer section, and select the name of the user or team that you would like to transfer the users permissions to. Use the checkboxes to indicate whether or not you would like to include team membership and user-type custom field assignment in the transfer

When you click “Transfer”, user permissions will be transferred as follows:

What will be transferred:

  • Permissions assigned directly to the useFor example, access to a CO, audit template, or facility
  • Responsibility assigned directly to the userFor example, Responsible Party for a CO, or action
  • Team membership (if the checkbox is checked) – The user will be added to all the teams that the recipient was in. The person who is losing permissions will be removed from teams they were in.
  • Assignment in user-type custom fields (if the checkbox is checked) – The recipient user or team will be assigned in any user type custom fields that were previously assigned to the user whose permissions were transferred.

What will not be transferred:

  • User Role  – For example, if a general user has access to an audit and their permission is transferred to a restricted general user, that restricted general user should have access to the audit at a restricted general user level.
  • Auditor status for all existing audits (all audits in the account at the time of the transfer) – Scheduled audit actions will  be included in the transfer however
  • Permissions and responsibilities assigned to teams that the user is part of – Only permissions and responsibilities assigned directly to the user will be transferred