3.1.2 Topics

Nimonik uses Topics to group documents according to specific areas of interest. This is done at two levels: 

  • Level 1 Topics describe general areas of interest, such as Environment Management, or Natural Resource Management.
  • Level 2 Topics focus on specific themes within their parent level one topic, such as Greenhouse Gases or Oil and Gas. Level 2 topics also include specific equipment.

A list of all of the topics available on Nimonik can be found here (Note: topics that you are not subscribed to will appear greyed out.).

Topics can be used to filter and search for documents and clauses in COs and the Library. On the document page, topics that appear in the document text will be highlighted.

Equivalent Terms

Certain topics, particularly equipment topics, may have multiple names.  These alternative names will be included as equivalent terms. The main use for equivalent terms is to ensure that our AI classifies documents and clauses correctly, however they will appear in Nimonik in the following places:

  • On the document page, both topics and equivalent terms will be highlighted
  • Wherever topics are listed (topics page, document page, CO), a tooltip will show each topics equivalent terms