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3.1.8 Update Frequency for Documents and Clauses

Depending on the Jurisdiction and Document Type, update frequency can vary for documents and clauses in your Compliance Obligations.

Here is a breakdown of the frequency that you can expect for the documents in your compliance obligations:

Document Level Updates

  • Canadian & U.S. Federal Legislation – Every 2 weeks
  • Canadian & U.S. Federal non-Legislation – Every 3 months
  • Canadian & U.S. Provincial/State Legislation – Every 2 weeks
  • Canadian & U.S. Provincial/State non-Legislation – Every 2 weeks – 32 weeks depending on the State
  • All Chinese documents: weekly
  • Other jurisdictions Legislation – 3 to 12 months
  • Other jurisdictions Non-Legislation – 3 to 12 months

Note: Legislation is defined as documents enacted by a legislative body or other governing body, it excludes documents issued by regulatory bodies that do not go through a consultative or deliberative process.

Clause Level Updates

Clause level updates are issued 3-4 weeks after the consolidated document is made available by the government. If no consolidated document is available, amending documents may or may not be offered at clause level depending on the materiality of the change.