The Audits Page | Nimonik Environment, Health & Safety and Quality Compliance

The Audits Page

The Audits Page allows you to see, sort, and manage all of the audits that you have access to. 

Sort and Search for Audits

You can sort the audits on the audit page based on any of the columns except for score. To do so, simply click on the column heading. If you click on the heading again, the audits will be sorted in the reverse order. 

You can also enter key words in the search bar, or use the Facility and Auditor filters to find specific groups of audits.

Manage Audit Mobile Settings

The Mobile column allows you to to determine whether or not audits will be available on mobile devices. Audits with a checkmark in this column will be available on mobile, while audits without one will not. To change the status of an audit, simply click on the checkmark or checkbox. For more information on managing audit mobile settings, click here.

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