Tasks, Facilities, and More


The Task page allows you to quickly see all of the tasks you need to complete. A number of  items will appear on your Tasks page:


  • Scheduled Audits
  • Corrective Actions

Obligations (Permits)

  • Reporting and renewal requirements tied to your permits and certificates of authorization
  • Corporate reporting requirements

Legislative Updates

  • New Legislation that might apply to your operations
  • Law Level Legislative Updates to items in your Compliance Obligations
  • Clause Level Legislative Updates to items in your Compliance Obligations

Internal Review

  • An Item in your Compliance Obligations that is set to Requires Review by a user on your account will show up as Internal Review


  • Corrective Actions from an Incident Report

The tick box button allows you to complete an item and leave a note, that will be stored in the Logs. For New Legislation, you can chose to ignore the Item or add it to your legal register and receive Tasks when it is modified.


Facilities in NimonikApp represent physical locations you manage. They are associated with a number of items in your account such as Compliance Obligations, Audits, Permits, Incidents and Assets.


With NimonikApp, you can categorize your Facilities into Divisions. To create a new division, navigate to Settings and click on Add a Division. To assign a division to your facility, simply navigate to Facility Settings page, click on Add a Division, and select the appropriate division from the drop-down list.


Departments are created and edited at the account level, and can be attributed to any number of your facilities. They provide a mechanism for linking related data from multiple facilities, as well as subdividing data within individual facilities.

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