2.9 Tags Management

Tags can be used to link related data within and between facilities.

Create and Edit Tags

Tags can only be created and edited by account administrators. To create or edit a tag, click on Settings in the More menu. Scroll down until you come to the tags section of the page.

You can then create a new tag by clicking on ‘Add a tag’, or edit an existing tag by clicking on its name.

 Associate tag to Account Elements

To associate Tag to an account element, go to its Edit page, and select it from the tags menu.

The same tag can be attributed to any number of objects across your account. This will allow you to compare the data of a given tag across multiple facilities.

Filter Reports by Tag

All Reports that can be Filtered by Facility can also be filtered by tag. You can select any tags for the filter, with no restriction by facility. To do this, simply click on the tags field, and enter the relevant tag(s).

  • If you would like to see results for a particular tag at a particular facility, you must select the facility and the tag.
  • If you would like to see the results for a tag at all facilities, then you only need to enter the tag in the tag field.

To learn how to add Tags to Facilities please consult the Tagging Facilities Page.

To learn how to add Tags to Audits and Audits Templates please consult the Tags on Audits Page.