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Create Company Template

Company Templates: Upload a New Template

Company Templates are Audit Templates that are restricted to your organization. To upload a Company Template, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Prepare your Company Template in Excel, Google Docs or another spreadsheet software.

Your Audit Template should have six (6) columns, titled:

  • “Grouping” – This will group or categorize items
  • “Name” – The name of the item (You must have a name for each item)
  • “Requirement” – The Question the auditor will respond to
  • “Additional Info” – Additional background information on the item
  • “Details” – Additional background information on the item, often legislative references
  • “Risk” – A integer that will be used to calculate your audit score

In Excel, click File > Save As and choose the file format Comma Separated Values (CSV). In order to reduce the chances of corruption, we recommend not opening the file again once it has been saved as a CSV.

Step 2: Enter the details on the site

  • Click on Audit Templates in the top menu.
  • Click on Add a Company Template.

Step 3: Upload the file

  • Click on Choose File
  • Select the File
  • Click Upload CSV

Match the headers in your CSV file to the ones in our system. If you respected the naming above, it should match automatically. If not, then simply use the drop-down menu to match the headers. Finally, Then click on Create Audit Template from CSV.

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