Scheduler allows you to plan audits and Internal Obligation actions ahead of time. To create a new scheduled obligation, Simply follow the steps below.

Go the the facility that you would like to schedule an obligation for, and click on the Scheduler tab

At the top of the resulting page, click on the Create Internal Obligation button

Enter an appropriate title for your obligation, and select the type of schedule action, i.e. whether it is an audit or an Internal Obligation

  • For scheduled audits you will then need to select the company template that should be used. 
  • For Internal Obligations you will then need to attach the relevant documents.

Next select a responsible person, and if applicable attach equipment to the obligation.

Now it is time to schedule your obligation. First, choose whether it is a one off obligation, an obligation that will generate only one action, or a repeating obligation, an obligation that will generate actions at regular intervals.

For one off obligations, you can set the date of the action using the Starting date field that appears.

For a repeating obligation, set the date of the first action using the starting date field, and then use the frequency field to determine how often it should repeat.

You can also set start and end date for repeating obligations using the obligation expires field.

Next you can add any additional information in the Summary and Reporting Requirements fields, and select the users who should have access to the obligation.

Once you click save, the Actions associated with your obligations will be created. For repeating obligations, the first 15 Actions will be created immediately, and the rest will be created 15 days before they are due.

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