All documents in the Nimonik Library have a unique page which can be consulted by clicking on the Document Name or Legal Reference. From the Library: From Compliance Obligations: The Document Page contains the following information: Title of the document An Abstract (on certain documents) A Extract (on certain documents) More information here. Document Status […]

Context on Risk Ranking System for Compliance Obligations Nimonik – Risk Management Guide Overview The risk calculator tool along with other Nimonik capabilities offer organizations the ability to manage compliance risk, risk treatments, and other risk data associated with document or clause level obligations. Compliance risk is the effect of uncertainty on meeting obligations (ISO […]

Facilities Facility: Facilities in NimonikApp represent your physical sites, or business operations, and can be thought of as folders that contain and organize all of your audits, compliance obligations, and other account items. Facility Administrator: Users and user teams that are assigned the Facility Administrator status will be able to see, edit and delete everything […]

Video Overview General Overview Audits are lists of questions created from templates or compliance obligations, that can be used to evaluate compliance on an item by item level at your facilities. Assessment – For each audit question, an auditor can enter an assessment that corresponds to the questions level of conformity. The assessment will award […]

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