Help | Nimonik Environment, Health & Safety and Quality Compliance - Part 2

Connected Custom Fields allow you to add an extra field of text that is shared between parent and child documents. To create them, Go to the edit page of your compliance obligations Scroll down and click “Add a Connected Custom Field” Enter the title that you would like to give your connected custom field Add […]

Nimonik now allows you to compare the current version of a document to its previous version. To do so, Find the document you are looking for in the Library Click on its title Scroll to the bottom of the page, If comparison is possible, you fill see a Compare button above the full text. When […]

Connected compliance obligations allow you not only to copy documents from one CO to another, but to maintain a parent-child relationship between them. When documents are connected from a Parent to a Child CO:  Each connected document in the Child will have an action informing the responsible person that it has been connected from the […]

Nimonik now allows you to close out multiple legislative review actions at the same time.  From  the Actions page, Click Select Actions Select the actions that you would like to close Click Complete Actions. Choose a status and enter any relevant notes. These will be applied to all of the documents associated with the  selected […]

For the Nimonik Comprehensive Compliance Environmental and Health and Safety Audit Template, this is how we number and identify questions. The way we number items in our Audit Templates is based on our Topics. The complete list of Topics can be found here. Thought not visible to you, each Topic has a number that allows […]

When you experience an issue on the mobile app, the quickest way to help our support team to get to the bottom of it is to send us your logs. You can do this by following the steps below; Log into Nimonik on the device that experienced the issue. Wait for synchronization to complete. Click […]

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