Clause level Compliance Obligations allow users to assess each individual clause of a document for compliance and applicability. To activate a Document’s Clause Level, go to the Obligations column and click on “Enable”. Please note: Not all documents are available at the Clause Level. This feature will only appear if the Clause Level Compliance Obligations […]

Nimonik offers API integration for both audits and legislative data. If you would like to take advantage of our API options, contact us at

The Compliance Obligation by Facility Page shows all the Compliance Obligation Registers that were created in the account. The Compliance Obligation Registers are sorted by Facility. Please note:   General Users, Restricted Users and Teams, may not be able to see all the Compliance Obligation registers. WHat the see will depend on which account items […]

Follow the steps below to log into your account on Nimonik’s Mobile App: Download  Nimonik App on your mobile device. Open the App on your mobile device. If you already have a Nimonik Account, click on “Log In” If you do not have a Nimonik Account, click on “Create 20 Days Trial Account” to activate […]

Nimonik Help Pages Index  Page   Number   Title  Applicable to  Link to Help Page 1 Overview All 1.1 Nimonik Best Practices Administrators 2.2 User Management Administrators 1.2 General Overview of Nimonik Platform and Comprehensive Compliance Program All 1.3 Glossary of Terms All 1.4 Application Release Notes All 1.5 Contact Information […]

Tags can be used to link related data within and between Facilities, Audits, and Audit Templates. The same tag can be attributed to any number of Audits or Audit Templates across your account. This will allow you to compare the data of a given tag across multiple Audits and Facilities. To learn how to create […]

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