Facility Equipment can be associated with three things: An Audit You can conduct an Audit and associate it to specific pieces of equipment, allowing you to demonstrate a regular inspection of the equipment. To do this, simply select the equipment from the drop-down menu when creating an Audit from a template. An Audit Item During […]

The Facility Equipment module in NimonikApp allows you to represents pieces of equipment or parts of your facilities. This equipment can then be linked to Compliance Obligations, Actions, Audits, and Audit Findings. All equipment can have the following attributes: Attributes marked with an asterisk (*), are mandatory: A Title* An Code* (can be a bar […]

Corrective actions allow you to assign specific actions with due dates to specific users in response to non-conformities discovered during an audit. Creating Corrective Actions To create a corrective action, Go to the audit item that the corrective action should be associated with and click “Corrective Action” Enter the following information in the resulting fields […]

Each item in your Audit is associated with a risk that will be used to calculate its score. This risk has a default value of 100, but can  be set in your Company Templates for each audit item. Scores are calculated by multiplying the Risk by the value of the assessment chosen by the auditor. […]

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