Jump questions will cause subsequent questions to marked as not-applicable if a certain assessment option is chosen, saving auditors valuable time. To create a template with jump questions, you will need to add three columns to the standard checklist template. The resulting table will have the nine columns shown in the table below: QuestionCode Grouping […]

  Audit Templates are lists of questions that can be used to create audits. Nimonik allows you to choose from hundreds of pre-made audit templates, or upload your own personalized company Template. To create your company template go to the Templates page and click on Create Company Template. You will be prompted to give your […]

Nimonik offers a variety of management reports that provide account administrators with a comprehensive overview of the activities in their accounts. Some of these reports include a colour coding system to illustrate the closure status of actions. The colour meanings of this system are as follows: Blue = Upcoming and not complete Red = Late […]

Each document in your Compliance Obligations Register can be assigned a specific Assessment. By default, all documents are set to “Un-Assessed”. Please note that account administrators can change the titles of these options via the Account Administration settings page (see Account Management section of the Support portal). As compliance and applicability is assessed, users can […]

Responsibility for a document or a Compliance Obligations Register determines who will be assigned External Actions when documents or clauses change. You can assign responsibility for Compliance Obligations Registers at three levels: 1. At the Compliance Obligations Register level A user or team can be assigned as responsible for an entire compliance obligation. To do […]

General Overview Creating Compliance Obligations Compliance Obligations are lists of laws, regulations, codes, standards and other requirements that are applicable to your operations and that you wish to monitor for changes. To build a legal register, simply follow these steps: Go to the Facilities Page Click on the facility you wish to add your Compliance […]

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