The Library houses all of the documents in the Nimonik database available to customers based on their subscription and on the Internal Documents they have uploaded. For each document in the Library, you will see the following information: Essential – Starred documents represent the most important EHS documents in any given jurisdiction. Title – The […]

Audit templates allow you to create templates that you can re-use for multiple audits and then analyze results across time and locations. We strongly recommend using templates and ensuring you have a procedure for modifying them, updating them and using them. Speak to a Nimonik Customer Success Expert for best practices and guidance. On Nimonik, […]

This article describes the actions that appear on the External Actions Page for information about Internal Actions click here External Actions prompt users to complete specific tasks when new external documents are added to the Library or when external documents in your Compliance Obligations Register change. For general users, the External Actions page shows a […]

Facilities in NimonikApp can be thought of as folders, which contain and organize all of your audits, compliance obligations, facility equipment and other account items for a specific location, business area or other organizational structure you have. Facilities can have : A Name An address A Facility Manager (who can add/remove people form this Facility) […]

Depending on the services that you subscribed to, Nimonik will deliver information to you about two types of regulatory changes: proposed and final. Proposed changes show what the governmental or other authority proposes to do. Usually proposed changes include the details of those changes, but sometimes the proposal may be more general; for example, the […]

Facility Administrator Access allows account administrators to grant general users administrative powers on a facility by facility basis. Users and user teams that are assigned facility administrator status will be able to see, edit and delete everything in their assigned facility.  You can assign facility administrator status by following the steps below: Go to the […]

Report Functionality Consult all the changes to all the external documents that your subscription covers (not just what’s in your COs) with New and Changed Documents Report. This report contains the following information: Jurisdiction Change Type – New Document, Revise, Amendment, Repeal Document – The document affected by the change  Links directly to the document’s […]

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