3.3.27 All New and Updated Documents Management Report

Report Functionality

Consult all the changes to all the external documents that your subscription covers (not just what’s in your COs) with New and Changed Documents Report.

This report contains the following information:

  • Jurisdiction – The region in which the documents obligations apply
  • Change TypeNew Document, Revise, Amendment, Repeal
  • Document – The document affected by the change 
    • Links directly to the document’s page
  • Essential – A gold star indicates that a document has been flagged as essential by Nimonik. An empty star indicates that a document has not been flagged as essential.
  • Document Status – Published, Proposed, In force, Repealed
  • Amending Document – The document bringing about the change
    • Links directly to the document’s page
  • Last Document Update – Notes about the change
  • Nimonik Publication Date – The date the change was published by Nimonik
  • Government Publication Date – The date that the change was published by the issuing authority
  • Effective Date – The date that it goes into effect

You can filter the report by Date, Jurisdiction, Document Status, Change Type, and essential documents, and sort by each of the column headings. You can also choose which dates (Nimonik Publication, Government Publication, Effective) you would like to consider.

You can export this report to CSV/Excel

This report is sent out by email to all users on a monthly basis. You can turn off this option on your User Profile Page, in Settings.